Top 9 Best 19-inch TVs Review

Last updated on January 22nd, 2022


In a modern world of television and technology it is only natural that most people are likely to have a television set at home. However when it comes to space there is not enough space in everybody’s house to accommodate a huge television set. This is where the smaller 19 inch television sets have become important. You can always get your hands on a good quality television set instead of getting one that will just burn out in a few years and the following is a list of best 19 inch TV that you will find around.

List of Best 19-inch TV in 2021 Reviews:

9. Sceptre 19-inch TV 720p 60Hz Class HDTV

This particular television set is famously known for no lagging courtesy the refresh rate of 60 frames per second which is very impressive. Apart from this has a small and shiny appearance making it a great fit for your drawing room. With a weight of 4.84 pounds it can be mounted easily at a place of your liking. All such features prompted us to put this among the best 19 inch TV list.

8. Proscan 22-inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV

This has an impressive video quality and one of the best features is its affordable price. Apart from this what makes this one of the best 19 inch TV is the fact that the sound is great for a small TV and the input devices like the HDMI are all in place. When you consider all of these features at the throwaway price that it offers, this television set is a steal among the competitors in the market.

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7. Element 19-inch TV 720p HDTV (Certified Refurbished)

When it comes to delivering quality refurbished products there are few who can compete with the likes of Element. This product too is another entry into the impressive list of refurbished electronic goods. The 3D video voice reduction is a great feature and this television is sure to impress you with its picture quality.

6. Soulaca 19″ Frameless Android Smart White Bathroom TV Built-in Wi-Fi T190FA-W2

This is a smart TV and the portability features mean that you can have this installed almost anywhere that you want. You even have the option of downloading games and apps from the Play Store and you can use them to good effect with this TV which is ranked among the best 19 inch TV. The contrast ratio is 800:1 and this ensures the ideal brightness and great picture quality.

5. RCA 19-inch TV 720p 60Hz LED TV

The viewing angle and especially the horizontal view of 170’ is what catches the fancy of the viewer when it comes to this television set. The refresh rate is 60Hz and all this ensure a picture quality that the users love.

4. Seiki Best 19-inch TVs 720p LED

The V chip technology and the 1080 quality lead to a condition where these are among the best 19 inch TV which you can find in the markets. There is an incorporated HDMI videos which make the video quality impressive and this is also available for a reasonable price which makes it one of the favorites in the markets.

3. Soulaca 19″ IP66 – Waterproof Black LED Frameless Bathroom 19-inch TVs

As a bathroom TV the regular ones are often a misfit and that problem is solved easily with the Soulaca 19” IP66 which is surprisingly durable in the bathroom conditions. It has a high resolution picture and another great thing about this TV is that it is not just restricted to the bathroom and you can use it elsewhere as well.

2. Samsung Best 19-inch 720p LED TV

The motion clarity of this device is what makes this one of the best 19 inch TV at the rate of 120. The image processor speed is amazing on this TV and so is the frame refresh rate which makes this television a must have if you are on the lookout for 19” TV sets. The backlight technology is also what gives this product a boost amongst its competitors.

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1. Seiki Best 19-inch 720p 60Hz LED TVs

This ranks in the first position for the prolonged period of good quality television viewing that this particular TV will offer you. Seiki has been reputed for the same and they continue proving their mettle. The 60Hz refresh rate when combined with the advanced HDMI inputs and the great record of fine performance over the years makes this one of the better television options for the user. If you are desperately looking for a 19” television, this is potentially the best option for you.

How to choose 19 inch TVs?

In order to choose the best 19inch TV you should keep certain things in mind. For instance the price should be worth your product and there is no point in shelling out too much money for a 19 inch TV set. Also check the mounting options as ideally for a 19 inch TV set you are looking for it to be portable and flexible wherever you need. Again when it comes to the brand to be considered, it is best to choose one which is a common household name instead of selecting one for the prestige. Also check if it is a smart TV or not and what the input options are.

Why you need 19 inch TVs?

As far as convenience and the portable aspect is considered the 19 inch TV sets have little competition in the markets. Besides this, the price is also suitable for all sections of the society.

Final thoughts

It is really convenient to go for a television set which is small and light and portable and in these terms a 19-inch TV set comes in very handy. So get yourself one from this list of the nine best 19inch TV sets in the markets.

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