Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands Reviews

Last updated on October 22nd, 2021

There was a time when you had to buy your TV stand and fireplace separately. The inhabitants of countries where the cold weather prevails follow the trend of procuring a TV stand bearing a fireplace within a single setup. Based on your requirements, you may choose to heat your living room with some electric fireplace.

You will even gain that perfect ambiance of enjoying real wood flames by creating an artificial effect to be displayed on an LED screen. You will end up achieving appreciation from most of your loved ones that come on a visit.

Find Out the Best Fireplace TV Stands that Match the Ambiance of Your Room:

10. Alymere TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

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There are two storage cupboards in the electric fireplace Television stand. Alongside an adjustable shelf, it includes a couple of cabinets and shelves. As the furniture bears a unique flair, you may utilize the cupboards very well. Besides possessing veneering, the stand is composed of resin and wood. A few preset cutouts help in managing the wires, while gunmetal finish adds more to the composure of the hardware. With over 20 inches of fireplace depth, the furniture occupies about 60 x 20.1 x 39.5 inches and weighs over 165 pounds.

Reasons to Buy:

  • A customizable stand enables you to insert an extra bit of fireplace.
  • The much sustainable and glossy finish owes much to its tough surface composed of durable material.
  • Show perfection in wire management and you can hide all the mesh.

 9. Ameriwood Home Farmington Fireplace Electric TV Console for TVs of up to 60″, Rustic

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Alongside multiple storage spaces, the rustic charm of the television console deserves special mention. The TVs worth 95 pounds in weight and 60 inches in width will perfectly fit in within the space. You can take the help of remote control for operating the electric fireplace, which is about 23 inches wide. Made of laminated particleboard, the fireplace TV console comes with a metal frame. If you are one of those that prefer to go for brown wood-grain appearances and weathered looks, this is the best option available for you in the market. For all items of amusements like that of your DVDs and videogames, you can make use of this storage space.

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Reasons to Buy:

  • There are four shelves for storage within the two cabinets.
  • You may even store all of your accessories within the storage boxes that come with the unit.
  • To ensure a specific ambiance, the LED lights and the temperature can be adjusted with the remote control. 

8. Pamari 208268 Milena Stand with Electric Fireplace

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A space worth 400 square feet gets heated by the 4600 BTU heater. The TV stand and fireplace can withstand a weight of about 75 pounds besides holding TVs worth 60 inches in length quite perfectly. Besides possessing a stylish design, it has cabinets that open in a side by side manner and two easily adjustable shelves. Both for the pets and the kids, it is quite a safe option.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Assembling the unit seems to be very simple and fast, although its weight is worth 88 pounds.
  • The remote control even allows you to do a customized distribution of heat and save much energy by opting for zonal heating.
  • The ember bed, realistic log, and fire glass are among its main USPs.

7. ClassicFlame 23DE1447-C233 Corinth Wall or Corner TV Stand

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You are bound to check it if you are inclined towards the AV component of any fireplace TV stands. It can hold a wall TV or corner TV at ease. TVS that are about 47 inches in width can be accommodated very easily and the stand can bear 50 pounds in weight as well. All you need is a screwdriver to get things assembled without experiencing any hassle.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The stand ensures proper ventilation owing to its pass-through holes and even provides for some installation guide.
  • Your wires and cables can share the same ventilation.
  • You may even store your sound bars and a home theatre within the open shelf at the center.

6. Small Electric Fireplace Insert

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The fireplace insert TV stand offers a dual temperature setting. It can regulate high temperatures with a built-in regulator that covers up to 400 square feet of area. The LED fire display can be operated very easily with the help of remote control. With dimensions worth 22” x 8.5” x 20”, it is a great option for some artificial wood burning that look closer to reality.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is a nicely designed option for your personal space.
  • It comes with a unique entertainment and lighting combo.
  • It is the perfect option for a small room and weighs only about 31 pounds.

5. Brooklyn Electric Fireplace TV Console

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The stand seems to be perfect for any 400-square feet space and yields a realistic fire appearance. It can bear a TV set worth 50 inches in length and even possesses a few built-in reflectors. It is composed of durable material and can hold about 70 pounds of weight. You will find a couple of doors with glass panels fitted with its adjustable shelves. The shelves have ample space for your cable box, video games, and a DVD player.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The royal looks of the stand are supported by its wooden body.
  • Being about 104 pounds in weight, the stand has dimensions of 15.9 x 47.2 x 32.1 inches.
  • You can accommodate all of your accessories as the unit comes with several compartments.

4. Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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The rich espresso finish of the fireplace TV stand will help in changing the image of the whole living room. With the capacity to cover a space of 1,000 square feet, it can be your energy and budget saver for a large living room. It comes with dimensions of 58.5 x 39.1 x 13.8 inches and weighs 115 pounds.

Reasons to Buy:

  • The TV stand has high humidity retention capacity and proves to be very cost-effective.
  • Both the down-light and heat can be controlled with the help of remote control.
  • The glass doors make the side cabinets a style item.

3. Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console

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The surface over the TV stand can bear up to 70 pounds of weight while its cabinets can bear up to 20 pounds on both sounds. It distributes light via LED and even possesses an 18-inch wide insertion for its fireplace.

The manufacturer has used espresso wood-grain for a perfect finishing. With dimensions of 31.75” x 47.25” x 15.875” it responses immediately once assembled. It only occupies a space of 400 square feet in the living room.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is a perfect combination of fireplace and TV stand.
  • Besides being composed of metal, the firebox stands tall at the center.
  • It has a life of 50,000 hours of LED life.

2. Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console

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The TV stand can bear a TV that weighs around130 pounds. Besides the cable box, it can accommodate DVD players and gaming consoles quite efficiently. Alongside its gray finish, it projects a very stylish look.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It even offers up to 50,000 hours of LED life.
  • It can cover a space of 400 square feet, weighs around 114 pounds and has a depth of 18 inches.
  • With dimensions of 26” x 63.1” x 18”, it yields one of the easiest assembling options. 

1. Infrared Electric Fireplace TV Stand

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It is a highly durable TV stand composed of pine, resin, metal, and glass. Besides being a dependable energy saver, it proves to be highly cost-effective. It lives up to your expectation of heating large rooms that claim a space of about 1,000 square feet. You will find layered glass covering the cabinet doors. Its dimensions are worth 54 x 37.2 x 11.2 inches and it bears a weight of 89 pounds.

Reasons to Buy:

  • You may adjust the stand in 5 different ways and it can even preserve humidity.
  • It is one of the best TV stands that come with an electronic fireplace as it releases realistic flames.
  • You can control the projection with its remote control, which is small and yet quite effective.

How to Choose the Right Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

Size: In an attempt to accommodate the TV stand fireplace comfortable within the room, you must identify the right dimensions. Your TV stand must have what it takes to accommodate your TV set perfectly in size.

Heating Power: The fireplace needs to match the size of your room and you have to ensure that the heat gets distributed very quickly. Besides, you must also ensure proper ventilation to avoid suffocation. Few of the latest fireplaces are equipped with infrared heating technology to make things feel cozier.

Style and Composure: To ensure minimal maintenance and long life of your product, you must choose a unit that is composed of durable material. While some of the products come with contemporary designs, the rest bear antique finish. You must do a comparison shopping and pick an item that matches your room décor.


All of the factors that have been discussed above could be of much help to you, especially while picking any of the top 10 best electric fireplace and Television stands. Besides fulfilling a plethora of requirements, these models can help suffice the best return on investment.

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