Top 10 Best Mini Freezers Review

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024

As the average family has always used a full-sized refrigerator, now there is a changing trend these days to re-do kitchens and go for a mini fridge. It is basically due to the perspective that a mini- fridge enables a lot more counter space in the kitchen that was previously wasted by the bulky refrigerators.

The mini fridge is getting a lot of attention, particularly among the urban dwellers who live by themselves in small apartments and those who travel extensively. Compared to the standard fridge, the mini refrigerators offer numerous advantages because they can be easily used in innumerable places where a normal size refrigerator will never fit in. These compact fridges are most practical in student dorms, compact flats, offices, motels, hotels, cars etc.

Here Are The Best Selling Mini Freezers This Year:


Components to Consider Before Buying the Best Mini Freezer

10. Haier Refrigerator

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Haier’s mini freezer model comes with an adjustable thermostat, a freezer and an ice cube tray. And it’s especially short, just a little over 27 inches high. It will fit judiciously under most desks, not to mention breakroom tables if the breakroom is a little short on space. It weighs just 42 pounds, so it’s moveable without killing one’s back or enlisting the help of multiple co-workers.

The shelves are full-width and made of wire, not heavy glass, but one doesn’t have to worry about them holding the weight of the beverages because the door accommodates up to two two-litre bottles. There’s even some room left over for cans. With a 5-year warranty from Haier, the Haier mini refrigerator ensures a hassle-free operation. Haier mini fridges carry a recessed handle as well, which makes it very convenient for opening and provides an elegant feel. It brags of a stabilizer free operation that protects the compressor from power fluctuation, which is pretty common.   

9. Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Reversible Door Mini Freezers

Media WHD-113 FSS1 Double Reversible Door Mini Freezers with a width of 18.5 and 32.95’ height is perfect for one’s dorm room, bar, office or small kitchen.

The Midea 3.1 cu. ft. Energy Star double door compact refrigerator with 2 glass shelves helps one to keep their favourite food fresh longer, and the separate freezer compartment offers plenty of room for one’s ice cream and frozen treats. With a glass shelf and crisper bin, there are multiple storage options to organize all the food.  It has Manual defrost for easy cleaning whenever one requires it. One can easily set the internal temperature according to the needs, and simply adjust the leg height for the perfect fit in any kitchen. The doors are adjustable and the door can be operated from both the left and right side.

8.EdgeStar Best Mini Freezer Stainless Steel

EdgeStar mini refrigerator is another great product for one looking for something portable, compact and lightweight. Unlike other freezers, this freezer easily converts from a 0 degrees freezer to a refrigerator for adequate comfort.  Thermostat-controlled low temperature operation tested at -20 degC (-4 degF) .This item comes complete with a lock and two keys and a full range of thermostatic temperature control for adequate performance. The 1 cubic foot, all-purpose freezer with lock offers the most valuable feature available in a freezer specialized for any use – boasting high-quality construction and superior freezing power unavailable in other similar size models

EdgeStar mini refrigerator boasts a true stainless steel construction with a black cabinet and reversible door for better performance. EdgeStar mini refrigerator has a recessed handle and a modern Euro-style door for better results. The energy-saving manual defrost makes it the perfect mini freezer for daily use. Hence EdgeStar Mini Refrigerator is one of the best stainless mini freezers available in the market.

7. RCA Vertical Upright Freezer 1.1 cu. ft

Featuring a 1.1 cu ft of vertical distance RCA Mini Freezer is a perfect mini freezer for small spaces. The design makes it perfect for homes where space is a luxury. And yes, the adjustable temperature control ensures that one’s foodstuff stays in tip-top condition regardless of its nature. It has levelling legs which make storage and access to items a breeze.

RCA Mini Freezer comes with a reversible door which offers enough convenience for one to work comfortably. It has full-width shelves which make storage of various items a very easy.

The RCA Mini Freezer is a nice little compact unit that appeals to a variety of different consumers. If one is just trying to free up some space in the kitchen freezer, this could be good for storing the excess frozen food. It could also work as a freezer for locations that are far away from the kitchen or away from the home. RCA Mini Freezer 1.1 cu. Ft is one of the best freezers available in the market.

6. Whynter Mini Freezers 2.1 Cubic Feet

With a power capacity of 75 watts / 088 amps, Voltage of 115V /60Hz and estimated yearly electricity usage of 228 kWh, Whynter mini freezers comes with lock and an upright freezer in a sleek stainless steel look, although can guess it’s a refrigerator in black from the side. Whynter Mini Freezers has powerful compressor cooling with mechanical temperature control that makes it a really efficient freezing solution. It’s not only a compact refrigerator but includes a compact freezer also.  And the best part is that due to its Energy Star rating one won’t even need to pay high electricity bills for that.

At the bottom of the fridge, the cylinder lock is placed and comes with a pair of two keys and is very lightweight. The handle finishes flush with the door and fulfil the sleek design. With a storage capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, it’s quite big enough for smaller needs and supplies. The mechanical control with an adjustable thermostat which ranges from -12 to -28 degrees ensures that one can store their food in a good condition.

5. Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Best Mini Freezers

With 3.5 cubic feet, interior capacity and adjustable thermostat Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer is best for people who is shopping for a compact, energy-efficient chest freezer that is sized perfectly for small living spaces.

The Midea WHS-129C1 has a standard, basic look. The exterior is all white, which gives it the look to fit well in any light and airy room environment. The lid attributes a hook design, with a silver recessed handle.

At the front of the unit, near the bottom left is a drain plug which is used for manual defrosting. Near the bottom right of the mini freezer is the adjustable thermostat and mechanical temperature controls which are contained within a distinctive triangular shaped panel. Like most mini freezers, this model is Energy Star rated so you benefit from energy savings. It consumes 193 kWh electricity, which makes the estimated annual operating costs just $23. This puts it amongst the most energy efficient freezers in it’s class.

Midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer has a removable wire basket, which is largish – nearly half the width of the interior. This comes in handy for convenient access to frozen foods without having to reach deep into the bottom of the freezer.

As this isn’t a frost free freezer, it’s recommended to cloth wipe the interior. Maintenance itself is easy and minimal

Size-wise, at 22.24 inches wide with a depth of 20.59 inches, the freezer itself is very compact and apartment-friendly. It comes with a 4.5 foot long three-prong power cord as well.

4. Midea Mini Freezer Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer

The Midea single reversible door upright freezer can be manually defrosted for maintenance ease and optimal operation and mechanically set the temperature easily and accurately. The mini freezer fulfils one food preservation requirements in a convenient and organized manner. One can easily adjust the freezer’s height and balance for a perfect fit in the kitchen. The 3 cu.ft unit has reversible door swing, recessed door handle, 2 cabinet shelves, 1-wire bulk storage basket, side ventilation and 2.0 levelling legs for the user convenience. One can easily set the fridge door to open to left or right, depending on the kitchen layout and the needs.

The Midea single reversible door upright freezer is 33.9″H x 19.7″W x 18.5” D, 21.3″ D (with/without door handle), 41″D (door open). It usually comes in white colour with plastic, HIPS (inner cabinet & door liner) construction and the capacity of 3cu.ft. The Midea single reversible door upright freezer has manual and defrosts drain. The Midea single reversible door upright freezer requires 115 V, 60 Hz electricity and consumer around 1.1 A, 240 J. It has recessed handle clean back, smooth cabinet and 2 cabinet shelves. It also has 1 wire bulk storage basket, side ventilation and 2.0 levelling legs

The Midea Mini Freezer Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer provides additional frozen food storage, without taking up much room. Convenient controls allow one to adjust the temperature to keep the foods at the right temperature, and manual defrosts to makes it easy for cleaning as well. Featuring one shelf for flexible storage and 2 levelling legs to fit in any space, Midea Mini Freezer Compact Single Reversible Door Upright Freezer is one of the best mini freezers available in the market.

3. Midea Mini Refrigerator Compact Reversible Single Door

Midea Mini Refrigerator Compact Reversible Single Door freezer keeps one’s favourite food perfectly fresh for long and its manual defrost setting allows one to clean whenever one wants for optimal cooling and food preservation. The Midea single door compact refrigerator is available in black, and it helps to keep food perfectly fresh. This refrigerator has a  manual defrost setting which allows optimal cooling and food preservation. The 4.4 cu. ft unit has reversible door swing, recessed door handle and 2 front levelling legs for the user convenience. One can easily set the fridge door to open to left or right, depending on the kitchen layout and the needs.

This refrigerator has an adjustable slide out cabinet for storing fresh foods. The single reversible door compact refrigerator and freezer provide optimal cooling and food preservation. Midea Mini Refrigerator Compact Reversible Single Door freezer is 33.86″H x 19.72″W x 21.26″D. Midea Mini Refrigerator Compact Reversible Single Door freezer has a capacity of 4.4 cu.ft. The defrost type is partially automatic. Midea Mini Refrigerator Compact Reversible Single Door freezer requires 115 V, 60 Hz electricity. It has reversible door swing, receded door handle, smooth finish, 2 front levelling legs to give it a complete look. It has clean back, never clean condenser, curved door, door hinge covers. The adjustable slide-out fresh food cabinet. One can easily adjust the fridge’s height and balance for a perfect fit in their kitchen. One can easily keep their canned drinks cool and organized on a custom storage rack.

2. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

The Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator is an ideal fridge with 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches dimensions. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator is a compact model that comes with a separate freezer compartment. The size is just perfect for most dorm rooms, hotel rooms, trucks and bachelor accommodations.

The energy-star rated fridge comes with reversible doors so you can hinge it according to your room’s requirement or their personal choice. The ergonomic design allows maximum storage with racks on doors too. It provides outstanding quality at a very affordable price

1.  RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Best Mini Refrigerator

With a capacity of 3.2 Cu Ft RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Best Mini Refrigerator is available in many colours like black, blue, red, purple etc. It has inbuilt can dispenser and freezer compartment at top of the freezer, slide out tempered glass shelves, a nice door system that allows for right or left opening, adjustable thermostat at the perfect temperature and adjustable level feet. The door has two sides that are very convenient.

It is CFC free as well. And the noise is bearable. RCA’s mini freezer is perfect for a college dorm room, bedroom, office, and any place one needs a compact fridge to keep the food and beverages cold.  It has a built-in accurate adjustable thermostat so one can keep their food and drinks at the perfect temperature.  The sleek tempered glass shelves look amazing, and are easy to clean. RCA’s 3.2 cu. ft. the fridge is compressor cooled. 

Within the fridge, there is a freezer compartment. With a space-saving flush back design, the adjustable level feet and a clever reversible door allow one to open the fridge to the right or the left, so one can safely and conveniently place this fridge in any spot! If one is looking for a quality fridge at an affordable price, look no further, this RCA fridge is one of the most popular on the market and will be perfect for all needs.

Here are some of the factors one must consider before buying Mini Freezers:

Physical dimensions

The first thing which comes in mind while opting for a mini freezer is how big in size should the mini fridge be? The dimensions of the fridge are critical to consider. Then the next thing which comes in mind is where to accommodate the mini freezer. One may decide to put the fridge under a desk, in their home office, garage, workshop, dorm room etc. One must check whether the mini fridge will fit in the desired location.  There must be a gap of an inch or so between the fridges. One must be sure that there is an electrical outletin the vicinity of the desired mini freezer.

Adjustable shelves

One may need to adjust their mini fridge’s shelves around to maximize the room inside the freezer.  But not all mini freezers come with adjustable shelves. This is a nice feature to have in a mini freezer. Adjustable shelves are useful for refrigerating big items. Since it is not easy to create a complicated shelving system in a compact mini fridge, some companies offer mini freezers out with removable shelves as well and which is very handy to use.

Cooling Capability of the Freezer

Most fridges come with some kind of cooling component, which allows them to cool objects efficiently even when external temperatures are high. Depending on the refrigerator’s design, though, the freezer may not have this capacity. Some refrigerators have a chilling compartment that keeps items colder than they would be in the normal fridge compartment, but it’s not sufficient to store frozen goods or ice.

In addition to making sure the freezer is large enough for your goods, one should make sure that it can keep them at an ideal temperature.

Adjustable Thermostats

Some items have a particular temperature requirement to remain fresh. For those cases, it is much better to invest in a refrigerator that has an adjustable thermostat. This allows one to control the internal temperature of your refrigerator and freezer.

One should also see whether there is a manual or automatic defrosting capability. Many refrigerators will come with automatic defrost, while freezers will have to be defrosted manually and it varies. If a refrigerator only has partial defrosting capabilities, it will need to be manually defrosted every few months.

Electricity consumption

A fridge is a type of appliance that is considered to consume a lot of electricity. Not necessarily because of its consumption per hour, but because it is plugged into the outlet 24/7, year round. The relatively small electricity consumption accumulates to big numbers over a period of time. Therefore one must surely review the energy sheet specifications before buying. 

Every self-respecting manufacturer publishes energy consumption stickers on their website and on the affiliate’s websites. One must consider the fact that electricity consumption depends on usage. If one opens and closes the mini fridge often during the day, it will consume more energy. Energy efficient mini fridge can save one’s money in the long term.

The power source and usage location

Mini fridges can fit in innumerable places. Some people buy mini fridges with separate freezer for their RVsemi truck and for outdoors general usage.  Now, even if one plans to use a power source that provides the required voltage (e.g. 110V) using an inverter, one must make sure the power source can provide the current (in AMPs) needed to run the mini fridge. Even if the power source is able to provide, one must use a powerful power source since “weak” ones may overheat and burn. Therefore one must use a heavy duty extension cord or at least a cord that can withstand the current and Watt usage.

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