Top 10 Best Portable Projectors in the World

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024

Portable projectors come with substantial flexibility and a host of benefits. All you need to do is to connect it to your phone via the internet. The projector helps you to use your phone for projecting any screen as per your choice. They are also your best travel buddies under all circumstances.

It takes even the experts to do a lot for doing their researches and picking the best portable projectors of 2019. Choosing the best portable projector is about comparing a few good models and zeroing in on one that is inexpensive, portable, and small.

What is a Pocket or Mini Projector?

The mini projector is the only device that can help you in uncovering the darkest truths of life while stepping into destinations that are full of numerous mysteries of nature.  On the other hand, you can even make the most of it while sharing a presentation of your office project with your seniors. Once you connect the device to your smart-phone, you will find it much easier to share the presentation with all your colleagues. Your seniors are bound to be impressed by such high-quality corporate presentations.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Pocket Projector?

Irrespective of whether you’re going out on a family vacation or sharing a corporate presentation, the portable projectors will always keep you ahead of time. It’s due to the portability of the mini projectors and their latest technologies that they have gained much popularity of late. These pocket-sized projectors don’t occupy much space to add to your concern. Even while you’re covering long distances, the mini projectors may prove to be very effective in sharing videos and watching movies with your friends.

Top 10 Best Pico Projectors – 2021 Reviews:


Most comparison websites are likely to show you through reviews depicting the advantages and disadvantages of identical projectors simultaneously. You must go through the unique selling points of each of these projectors besides checking out areas wherein they are assumed to be lacking.

We can review the projectors and create a small list after short-listing the best portable mini projectors.

#1. Anker Nebula Capsule – A Very Efficient Mini Projector

If you’re searching for something easily portable and small in size, then you may consider the Anker Nebula Capsule mini projector. For those of you that have a smart-phone that runs Android 7.1 or higher, the projector can do wonders for you. You can easily connect it to your

phone and utilize it for displaying outdoor or indoor shoots. You may check out YouTube or Netflix by activating your mobile data or by using your Wi-Fi connectivity.

You won’t need to worry even when you don’t have speedy net connectivity. You can team up your smart-phone with your projector for accessing and projecting your local files. Your phone won’t need to avail of any HDMI connectivity for displaying its content through projectors. Miracast and Airplay are there to help you project things of your liking at ease.

The weight of the small projector is only 15oz. There is a close resemblance between a beer can and the Nebula Capsule. It bears numerous features besides its audio speaker that can rotate up to 360 degrees. The sound emission happens in every direction as the speaker is omnidirectional.

The projector has a rechargeable battery, which can last up to 4 hours in its usual mode. If you turn it to music mode, it can last up to 30 hours. Controlling the projector seems smooth as it’s backed by a Capsule remote. You may utilize a portable screen for projecting images depicting a resolution of 854 x 480. Most of your devices can be connected with the projector as it provides you with 3 distinguishable connectivity options in USB, HDMI, and mirror screening. You may even connect your tablet, smart-phones, and laptops with the projector very easily. All streaming devices, blue-ray players, and gaming consoles can be connected through the HDMI port.

Why Do We Use the Nebula Capsule Projector?

The Pico projector market got the first offering from Anker in the form of a Nebula Capsule. The projector neither carries a huge weight nor does it acquire more than a few millimeters which are worth the size of soda worth 12 oz.

In comparison to the plain old coke, Nebula weighs around 70 grams more. For a pixel resolution of 854*480, it delivers 100 ANSI lumens with its compact can-shaped form. Compared to your full-sized home projector, Nebula delivers up to 1/20th of brightness for 100 ANSI lumens. An extra width besides maintaining a standard definition (480p) of resolution helps it to achieve 16:9 – more of which has been discussed in the review.

The projector acquires a great look with its speaker owing to its unique design and other critical aspects. It provides for internal storage worth 8 GB and the battery enables a quick-charge to ensure playing the projector mode for 4 hours. 

The Nebula Capsule depicts some restrictions when used as a projector, but if you’re looking for enhanced performance for a similar price range, then it is one ideal option for you to consider.


  • Effective OS – ensures quick accessibility of features
  • Smooth remote app – accesses remote app very smoothly
  • Great build quality – both the inner and outer surfaces are strong
  • Unique design – out of the box designs helps it edge past competition
  • Long battery life – a decent life of the battery ensures quality run time


  • Limited resolution – doesn’t let you explore
  • Not very bright – doesn’t look that bright for all its high-quality features
  • No Google Play store – the absence of Google Play Store restricts the availability of some key apps.
  • Noisy fan – distorts the sound quality
  • Bit more expensive – charges more out-of-pocket as compared to the other contemporaries.

The Nebula Capsule often projects a small opening through the layers of the can, which is about the size of a quarter. Besides the absence of a removable cover, you will need to cope with the absence of any built-in lens.

You should use the storage bag for keeping the projector when you aren’t using it. To do your focus adjustment, you can make use of the small gear-wheel that stays put adjacent to the lens. It doesn’t come with any auto key-stoning and focus adjustment.

There is a directional pad over the projector that yields simple interactions with the gadget. The bottom and rear surface of the projector are the only visible points or ports. 

The nebula is very popular despite so many upgrades being made to Nebula II. You must remember all of these points while placing your order for the mini projector. You will hardly come across a better option within this price range. Even its successor may not be a better deal with a lower price tag.

#2. LG PH550 – Best Wireless Pico Projector from the House of LG

A small projector like LG PH550 can be adjusted very easily within a handbag. With the dimension of 6.9″ x 1.7″ x 4.3″, it only weighs 1.43 lb. It is a great fit for you if you don’t experience any issue with the size.

The lamp life of this pico projector is extremely good. LG claims that the LED lamp can last up to 30000 hours. If you compare it to other LED projectors, you can see that the lamp life is quite good. It has a high definition resolution of (1280 x 720) and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 which means it can provide you with a clear image. [The lamp life of the pico projector specifically deserves mention. According to records, the LED lamp has a life of about 30000 hours. The lamp life seems much better when compared to the other LED projectors.

Why Do We Choose the LG PH550?

The PH550 comes with an LED display lasting for 30,000 hours that accounts for 10 years of usage at around 8 hours per day.

The TV tuner works effectively and the files run smoothly with an advanced user interface. To appear more versatile, the USB port helps the projector connect to files constituting photos, audio, documents, and videos. You also have nice input options like the video or audio in along with mirroring, RCA, RGB, HDMI, and screen-sharing options.


  • TV tuner setup seems so smooth with Auto Scan due to the manual channel control options. Alongside the auto-off timer features, the projector comes with a snooze and built-in clock. Alongside 3D video projection options, it provides for the PIN code set up to facilitate parental controls. 
  • In the absence of a Bluetooth speaker, the speakers yield quality sound even while consuming only 1 watt. You will have substantial battery power left even after using the internal speakers continuously for a couple of hours. The projector recognizes NTFS, FAT32, Ex FAT and several other options besides throwing any size at it. 
  • You may even test media files in different formats like that of .XVID, .MP4, .MOV, .MPG, .MKV, .TS, M2TS, .VOB, .DIVX, .WMV, and .AVI. Likewise, you may even play .MP3, .M4A, .WMA, .OGG, and .AAC among the audio formats very smoothly.
  • Auto Keystone (vertical) makes it a perfect fit for Digital Keystone Correction. Even before reaching the lens, the image signal is rectified digitally by utilizing the internal image scalers. How the projected picture gets mounted horizontally helps in flipping it with the help of Auto PJT mode. The projected picture is flipped automatically in a way that its right side is up. It is a nice feature that provides for multiple mounting options as compared to the standard mounting option. 
  • When you resume the play option after fast-forwarding a few large video files, you may witness off-bit lip-sync; you will witness sync back up when you pause and restart it. You may have experienced such an issue with several devices while playing video files of larger sizes as playback is resumed following a fast forward.


  • Although not a very prominent con, you won’t succeed in labeling any digital channel that gets dispatched by the cable provider. You may check things out on your own and come out with a cheat sheet that helps you in identifying the channels at a much faster pace.
  • You are bound to achieve a great purchase deal while considering the amount that you’d spend towards buying a TV with a large screen, a Bluetooth speaker, and a networked DVD player. These days, you will easily come across DVD players that are equipped with apps belonging to most streaming services like Netflix.

#3. AAXA Technologies P300 – A Unique Option from AAXA

You might come across several online reviews about the best projector and it is then that you come across AAXA Technologies P300. It ensures a native resolution of 1280 x 800 and yields a visual output of the highest quality via its 1080p model that received much critical acclaim. It can ensure a smooth playing of 1080p content even when it comes to HD native resolution. The options that you have are quite limited and the model comes with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Also, with a range of images worth 10 to 120 inches, the distance and size of projection won’t add to your concern. You can pitch the images at any point of your choice as the device has a throw ratio of 1:38:1, which is quite short.

The longevity of the Pico projectors is already known to the masses. The Triple RGB LEDs have made AAXA Technologies P300 another dependable model. A 20000 hour-life provides support for Triple RGB LEDs as the device is equipped with a Li-ion battery with a 60min recharge time.  The experts prefer it to other models due to a plethora of connectivity options. It manages to accommodate a 3.5mm audio, Composite A/V, VCA, micro SD, USB 2.0, and HDMI. With only 0.97lbs of weight, people don’t find any problem in carrying them while traveling.

Why Do We Choose the Aaxa P300?

The P300 comes with a mini-VGA, an HDMI, and 1/8” composite input for videos alongside a USB port and a MicroSD card slot. You can play all of your music pieces, videos, and images that you’ve stored digitally with the help of a 1.3 GHz ARM Cortex processor, an OS based on Linux, and an integrated media player. The battery lasts for up to 1 hour for projects while you’re on the move. To add to your convenience, the package comes with remote control, tripod, and an A/V cable of composite nature.


The P300 has what you need to project via streaming apps. It has great speakers to ensure smooth sound quality for your home theatre and is quite easily navigable. Backed by an LED light source of 30,000 hours it delivers a brightness of 400 LED lumens. It offers a power-packed projection via an easily portable gadget.

  • Large Screen Performance

With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and dimensions of 14 x 8.9 x 3 cm, the Aaxa P 300 is a small and compact projector that can easily find a place within your handbag and briefcase. The images look crisp and clear on the screen as you watch them in LEDs worth high efficacy backed by an image creator of high resolution. The images are projected well in areas where the backdrop seems darker than usual.

  • Projection Anywhere and Anytime

The P300 runs on a lithium-ion battery of premium quality that gets cordless anytime and operates for up to an hour once it is fully charged. You can hold wireless projection of movies very smoothly and that too in the absence of wires.

  • The flexibility of Inputs and Usage Simplicity 

The P300 features several modes of input that include a powerful speaker (1W), Composite AV inputs, HDMI port, mini VGA, MicroSD slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a USB port. The user interface offers premium features in spite of being simple and user-friendly.


  • It is a bit hard to set the focus.
  • There is no zoom feature present in the model
  • Audio is not that powerful

The AAXA P300 incorporates advanced LED technology and that’s precisely the reason why it ensures 20,000 hours of life span with its high-efficacy LEDs. Compared to projectors that run on the usual mercury lamps, these diodes emitting higher brightness prove friendlier towards the environment and enable projection technology miniaturization. Besides, the lifespan of the projectors is worth 4 folds as compared to that are based on lamps. You can use them for approximately 8 years when moderately used every day.

The pros are far too many when you compare them with the cons of the model. That’s one reason why the popularity of the projector has increased in multiple folds over the past few years. It is standing tall in the market even after the release of its latest version which seems smarter.

#4. RIF6 CUBE – A Pocket-Friendly Mobile Projector

You may be searching for a good pocket projector that can be used for light projections at an inexpensive rate; the RIF6 CUBE is the ideal choice for you. Besides being so light in weight, it also has a small size that’s easily manageable. It only has a dimension of 2 x 2 x 1.9 in. You may come across numerous online reviews about RIF6 CUBE each of which depicts its positive side first.] But, you must focus on the biggest drawback of this model initially besides identifying the fact that the small projector doesn’t ensure great projection quality. Compromising in terms of projection quality seems natural when you wish to keep things portable and simple.

You’ll rarely come across a complete package like Cube. The manufacturer has introduced the projector to fulfilling all the needs. For those of you that wish to keep a small projector in the pocket, it is a compact model to suffice all of your needs. It is equipped with a charger, remote, and a tripod stand.

Why Do We Pick the RIF6 Cube?

The durable aluminum body of the RIF6 Cube keeps up with the time regardless of whether you use it at home or while you’re on the move. You may wrap it’s tripod around a pole quite flexibly or mount it on the wall sturdily. Once you make yourself in your seat, you can use it in a very flexible manner with the help of the remote controller. It will reach you with a 1-year warranty. With 50 lumens of rated brightness and 854 x 480 pixels of native resolution, the picture quality looks pretty decent in complete darkness.


  • It’s a flexible tripod that proves to be a nice option for traveling and even comes with a rechargeable battery. The square-cube stretches for 2 inches and weighs only 5 ounces, unlike other mini projectors.
  • The projector is bound to remain in place with a little tripod bearing a bracket on top. Out of all mini projectors that have been launched recently, the RIF6 Cube deserves special mention. The abilities and features of the Cube are quite impressive. Besides, the projector looks perfect with its sound and images in spite of weighing only 0.3 pounds and measuring 2 x 2 x 19 inches. 
  • The package involves a lot of accessories turning it into a nice option especially while keeping with a low price tag.
  • RIF6 proves to be effective in spite of its small size. It lacks USB or VGA port besides lacking the key connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, it can reflect other devices besides supporting microSD cards and offering an MHL/HDMI port.
  • The run-time of the internal battery is up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is good enough for running a short movie or most presentations. It utilizes its USB Micro port for the recharging purpose. You may enjoy the movie marathon simply by putting it into the socket in your wall.


  • It doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi.
  • It shows close resemblance with Apeman M4, which doesn’t yield much clarity when the lighting conditions are moderately bright. 
  • The colors seemed a bit hyper-saturated even when they never felt fully accurate. 
  • For instance, when the darker objects were projected on the screen, the gradient details weren’t visible. 
  • Even when you explore the ability to adjust the focus manually, you won’t achieve any sharp definition of the focus.
  • It comes with a 1-Watt speaker that yields thin sound. You may connect the projector to your external speaker or use a headphone.
  • It works fine when you stay closer to it, but if you run it in a large hall, then it might not be sufficient.

#5. Sony MP-CD1 – A World Class Mobile Projector

The projection area of the model is quite large. The DLP screen has a size of 25″ ~ 100″. A vivid image is accessible only when you avail of a good projector screen. With an aspect ratio of 16:9, it even generates 550 lumens of brightness. There are a plethora of connectivity options for this model. You may use Bluetooth for connecting the externally placed speakers. The screen can help in broadcasting quality projections when you connect it to your smart-phone. HDMI, RGB, TV tuner and AV are among the frequently used output and input ports. Your projector can deliver the TV shows directly with the help of the TV tuner. The built-in battery lasts for up to 2.5 hours in the video mode.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mini LED-projector, then it is certainly one of the best options that you have in hand.

Why Do You Buy Sony MP-CD1?

The Sony MP-CD1 has a sturdy build quality and it mirrors a compact initial look without any pun intended. It feels great when you take a look at the matte finish of the projector’s body. Weighing just 280g, the body acquires 16x83x150mm besides ensuring such great build quality. It appears premium owing to its minimalism.

There is just a single button on the device as it’s meant for switching on and off. In the absence of a zoom effect, you can set the focus of an image manually with the help of a small slider. However, the focus of the image can be changed drastically by a slight movement; it seems to be causing a bit of limitation. It turns much easier for use when you get used to the sensitivity. Once set, it stays put to the same spot luckily.

For charging, the Sony MP-CD1 utilizes a port of the USB Type-C. You will find another port of the USB (Type-A) adjacent to it, but that supports power output. For sourcing input, you can use the HDMI 1.4b port. To facilitate screen mirroring by tethering your phone to the Sony MP-CD1, the HDMI port meets the MHL standard.

The audio output is rightly delivered by the 3.5mm jack. There is a 1W speaker attached to the unit that follows the Sony spec sheet. The headphone jack delivers a smooth output.


  • Cool looks
  • Big battery worth 5,000mAh
  • Great projection quality
  • Fast Charging devices with USB output


  • The built-in speaker has some issues
  • No tilting up due to the absence of kickstand
  • Resolution is quite low for a high price

The Sony MP-CD1 is well-conceived and outperforms all other portable projectors. It develops crisp and clear images, produces colors in the right balance and ensures a large screen experience while watching TV shows and movies, especially in darkness. You will even fall in love with the MHL connectivity and power bank function.

It doesn’t come with the kickstand but in spite of an in-built speaker, it requires another external one, which is another con. It seems a bit expensive when you buy a portable projector for Rs 29,990 specifically when the resolution of the output isn’t that great.

However, you must have counted Sony among the most popular brands that develop portable projectors much to the satisfaction of the buyers. You can’t be disappointed when you find a device that gives you the much-needed peace of mind with its simple features and good looks.

#6. Asus S1

The model comes with a DLP screen and it’s one of the most frequently available projectors with a short throw ratio of 1:1. You may check out the article if you want to know about the contrast and brightness of Asus S1. The LED projection bulb worth 200 lumens allow it to deliver vivid pictures and the bulb performs up to 30,000 hours. You can replace the bulb once after 10 years if you restrict the performance of the projector to about 8 hours per day.

The projector even comes with a specific feature. You may switch it on or off instantly as you need only about 5 seconds to be switched on. The MHL and HDMI connection ports also make the S1 unique in some respects. It’s pretty easy for you to use the MHL port for integrating it to your smart-phone and the HDMI port to integrate it to your tab or laptop.

#7. LG PH300 – Equipped with Digital TV Tuner

If you’re fond of vibrant and crisp visuals, your eyes are bound to dazzle when you opt for the model as it comes with a native resolution of 1280 X 720. It’s a device that is based on DLP projection technology. While showing a close resemblance to other pico models, it yields maximum resolution support worth 1080p@60. It never degrades while playing 1080p and proves to be the brightest of all projectors.

For a plethora of lighting conditions, it yields optimum vividness by managing things with its 300 ANSI. The Triple XD engine introduced by LG Electronics extends the output of color worth PH300.

The presence of an RGB LED Lamp enables the LG PH300 to deliver 30000 hours of lamp time. It frees you from worrying about replacing the lamp for a minimum of 10 years. It comprises of USB, MHL, audio, and HDMI besides accommodating the standard inputs.

Why Do We Buy the LG PH300?

Randomly using the LG projector is not uncommon, especially when it comes to clever inputs, inbuilt battery, and small size. You can check it back on the tripod and there’s also no need to worry about managing any wire until it needs further juice. All that the power adapter needs is a wall outlet.


  • The projector is well-equipped for running video files specifically; the big screens don’t always deliver a crystal clear display of text from your laptop, especially those near the edges. DLP chip is the technology used for projecting and the device offers a native resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • The source of LED light has a preset 30,000 hours of life to support 300 lumens of brightness rating. The 40in screen size achieves some 1.5m of throw distance. Again from 1.5m, the size of the screen appeared smaller than when assumed at 38.5in. It allows you to hold your projections from a gap of 3.4m that delivers an 86.6in screen size diagonally.
  • The projector seemed a good fit to deliver DOC and XLS files. It supports the screen-by-screen display of long doc files. You can migrate to the next page very easily simply by clicking on the arrows. Under all circumstances, you may choose to depend on your laptop if you wish to deliver a corporate presentation with the projector.


  • When you utilize battery power, the screen appears a bit dull and turns pale unless the setting is completely dark.
  • The projector is capable of accessing USB sticks for displaying XLSX, PPT, DOCX, XLS, DOC, and PDFs theoretically. Such files are displayed with the help of the file viewer, although it could also mean hit and miss on some occasions. Some of the users have complained about not being able to open the PDFs quite often.
  • A large section of the projector users hasn’t been able to use it due to its high price. So pricing is also a major restricting factor towards the distribution of the product.

#8. Magnasonic LED – An Ideal Option for Commercial and Corporate Presentations

Be it in terms of price point or terms of performance, you can’t find a better option than the Magnasonic PP60 projector. It’s assumed to be an excellent Pico model for delivering a wonderful performance. You can’t have any doubt concerning its visual quality. It owes its high-quality images to the DLP projection technology despite being so inexpensive.

You have to pay attention while playing your full-sized HG videos as it seems a bit lagging. With up to 1080p of the resolution, it even dwells on the native resolution of 640 X 360 WVGA.  However, you must remember that the projector comes with 25 lumens only and that the visuals will only achieve sharp and crystal clarity in complete darkness.

All the dark and bright areas of the Magnasonic PP60 are balanced properly since the contrast ration of the model is worth 1100:1. The color accuracy even seems great as it extends on-screen color support worth 16.7m. It even contributes much to the frame quality, but it never delivers huge images due to a small throwing range. The projection size is worth 60 inches at the maximum. The 2:2:1 throw ratio compels you to maintain some distance between the screen and the device.

Why Do You Purchase the Magnasonic LED?

Using a media player, laptop, HDMI video players, and smart devices for projection get easier as the projector comes equipped with MHL cables, Micro HDMI, Samsung Galaxy adapters, and HDMI. However, you ought to check out the manual of your device for compatibility with various features; the MHL feature is a requirement for the android devices and an adapter is a must for the Apple devices.


It is an ideal option for projecting business presentations and watching movies backed by the rechargeable battery that offers a run-time of 2-hour, lightweight design and portable. Images can be projected even while you’re charging the device.

You may connect earphones and external speakers with the projector by using the 3.5mm headphone jack and enjoy quality audio from the videos.

With a DLP Mini projector that’s considered to be one of the smallest in the world, you may project pictures of varying sizes, video games, corporate presentations and movies for long. The presence of a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours makes it easier for you to utilize the HDMI connection and enjoy that much-awaited home theatre experience.

High-Quality Display in the Hand

The LED light engine sufficing 25 ANSI lumens backed by Texas instruments helps in delivering large crystal clear picture worth 60” in size. DLP technology has even been used in Hollywood for so many times. It helps in developing life-like and sharp images that you achieve out of the Digital Light Processing Technology. You will achieve input worth up to 1080p.

Pocket-Sized Design Ensures Great Portability

You can prepare yourself for the forthcoming corporate presentations and those marathon sagas on TV besides carrying the projector while camping with your loved ones or enjoying your pastime at the backyards.

Simple Plug-in-and-Play Set Up with HDMI Video Player

The device is just out-of-the-box and compatible with both HDMI and Micro HDMI input. Adapters are required for devices that support Slim-Port, MHL, and Apple. You don’t have a reason to wait before you step out and connect it to your media player, laptop, gaming console, and smart-phone. 

Entertainment Gadget with Extra Convenience

You will find the right travel companion with your 2100 mAh rechargeable built-in battery. You can both charge and use the battery simultaneously.


The integrated stereo speaker may not be sufficient for connecting external speakers with your headphone jack. By doing so, you may turn it into a very effective option for addressing larger audiences. Also, you won’t have to worry about maintenance as the Led bulb ensures 20,000 hours of life.

This article is intended to throw light on a few specific areas. But it is in your best interest to check things on your own after consulting the sellers, distributors, and manufacturers in the marketplace.

#9. Miroir M45 Micro Projector

M45 is a much popular pico model that is known for being one of the tiniest that you come across in the market. When it comes to high-quality visual performance it won’t let you down.

The minute detailing that the projector oozes out turns it even more popular; much of it has been successful due to native resolution worth 640 X 360 the right combination of DLP projection.

A much lower resolution will appall you as it enables playing FHD contents through all external sources. It extends input support worth a maximum of 1080p. The fact that it comes with 15 ANSI lumens enables it to play the content in a very dark environment even when it’s a small projector.

The contrast ration of 100:1 compensates for Mirior M45’s low lumens figure. It delivers bright quality as it counts on the low intensity. A 50-inch projection capability enables it to fulfill all your projection requirements while you are traveling.

The throw ratio of 2.0:1 allows you to set it up within a smaller space as compared to other models. For such a brief price point, this one seems quite easily acceptable. It is even equipped with an inbuilt speaker consuming 0.8 watts, but you may team it up with an external speaker for enhancing the volume. You may watch movies for up to 2 hours as it comes with an inbuilt battery of 2100 mAh.


  • The fact that the projector comes with HDMI port enables the user to connect it to a whole new range of devices like your mobile phone, laptop, and tablet that live up to his preferences.
  • Miroir M45 Micro Projector enables you to connect to devices like that of tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smart-phones and several other media devices that help in streaming videos. The projector can even be connected to your camera very easily. You may even connect it to cameras in a similar manner. This is the benefit of having an HDMI port.
  • The TI DLP projector is equipped with a rechargeable built-in battery that offers a projection time of two hours, which ensures high-quality entertainment for a pretty long time frame. Another great in-built feature is its speakers that produce uniform sound quality. If you’re inclined towards loud music, you may simply connect a few external speakers via a 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Devices like the Miroir M45 Micro Projector may sometimes need a special adapter to be connected with Apple tablets and smart-phones. There is also a rechargeable built-in battery present in the Miroir M45 projector. For a single charge, it gives you a back up worth 2 hours of continuous entertainment. The high-quality sound delivered by the speakers is low for parties and yet very smooth and clear.
  • The image quality delivered by the projector is quite reliable, crisp and bright due to the presence of Texas instruments. You may project images up to 50” and the experts will often advise that you either charge the HDMI stick for streaming or charge the smart-phone substantially before running the projector. 
  • The 2 built-in speakers that you come across would consume 1W of power and ensure smooth sound even while you are on the move. However, as said earlier, you may choose to connect it to external speakers for louder sound output.


  • You may need to buy model-specific digital AV adapters for tablets and smart-phones. But you mustn’t forget that these adapters won’t come with the package; you will need to place an order for adapters separately.
  • The Miroir M45 is a great companion regardless of whether you are at the garage door, boardroom or at the backyard of the house. You may even choose to place it at the ceiling of your bedroom and share your content. You will find it a much convenient option to spread content even in those remote corners of your household or office.
  • It is super compact, runs on a rechargeable battery and seems very light in weight. Both your colleagues and family members are bound to witness and cherish a remarkable experience!

#10. Philips PPX4010 Portable LED Projector

The Philips PPX4010 pico projector is worth the size of a palm. It is a popular member of the Next Gen category of projectors.

It fulfills all requirements of the environment as it’s loaded with all key attributes of our times. It ensures brilliant image quality as it’s equipped with a native resolution of 854 X 480 and a DLP smart engine. For all images, the projector ensures great clarity and the right amount of black depth besides possessing a contrast ration of 1500:1. The visual acquire a great intensity due to its brightness worth 100 ANSI lumens. The size array of the image extends from 15-120 inches.

The throw ratio of 1:4:1 requires only a short installation area. It even maintains a noise level under 28dBa thereby eliminating any form of sound distortion.

It supports you with audio, VGA, HDCP, micro USB, and HDMI. It provides for a mini HDMI cable. You’ll hardly come across any other projector in terms of durability even when it has a 2.68 X 2.60 X 0.87-inch size. Also, you’d enjoy RGB Led lamp life of 30000 hours.


You are bound to acquire bright images with the help of its HDMI port that supports all laptops. While addressing a small group, you can mirror the images in a conference room very effectively as the images are measured at 71 and their brightness is worth 100 lumens.

It comes with a VGA or 480p wide-format version that supports innumerable PowerPoint presentations with an 854×480 resolution, although it’s not up to the standard in today’s fast-paced world.

Picture Quality

Compared to many other pocket projectors, the quality of the picture is much better with the PPX4010. The native resolution of 854×480 enables it to share a limitation of picture quality. However, there isn’t any issue with the rainbow artifacts unless you shift your glance back and forth with a single image very quickly.

The PPX4010 isn’t really meant for mirroring videos; the HDMI port ensures easy connectivity to your device while playing videos. You may even choose to use your PC for playing videos. Although you don’t have any 3D support, the image quality is quite attractive.

Input lag 

You are bound to be delighted by the 17.2 ms input lag as shown by the Bodnar meter. It is the quickest that you may perceive with any projector. 


PPX4010 will fit in well with the sub-3 ounce category if the projectors had any feather-weight category. It is a good option if you want to carry the projector while moving between places.

Mini-HDMI port 

It ensures easy connectivity with the help of a mini-HDMI port. You may use VGA adapters when your PC is restricted to VGA. 

LED light source 

The LED light source used by PPX4010 is designed to run throughout its life, which is estimated to be 30,000 hours by the manufacturer.


The projector appears with a one-year warranty that covers the LEDs.



The resolution of 854×480 is rarely supported by a modern PC. You ought to set it at a different resolution setting. In spite of making the necessary adjustments, it might seem difficult for the unit to read fine detailing and texts. You might consider choosing the 640×480 setting for the PC if you want to view spreadsheets and text documents.

Color Preset Modes 

You can enjoy a single color-preset mode with the PPX4010. Besides a triple-position switch for custom brightness and the focus control, you don’t find any settings or menus.


You will need to buy an extra adapter for $49.99 if your laptop supports a display port in place of the HDMI port.

These are just a few important aspects that can help you compare PPX4010 with the other portable LED projectors and pick the best option.

Buying Guide of Pocket Projectors from Our Experts

The portability of the pico projectors is known to all as they fit in well within your pocket while you are on the move. Besides being smaller in size, these projectors are quite light in weight. Mini projectors are manufactured and launched by different brands all year-round. However, you ought to be careful about a few things while buying a projector from the market. The manufacturer has all the projectors quality-checked in the laboratory. The price tags have been placed according to the feature and quality of the projectors.


Pico projectors are very easy to carry besides being very portable. You might choose to watch a video or a movie with your loved ones even when you’re on the move. How do you cope with such a situation? Would you take a huge Led projector with you whenever you go out? No. It’s in your interest to carry a lighter and smaller projector that fits inside your pocket. You can also buy Laser Lights Projector for Christmas


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