Mobisystems Review: OfficeSuite & PDF Extra

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024

Here we give you our Mobiysytems Review. Why choose Mobisystems? For more than 20 years, MobiSystems has led the mobile productivity and business application market. The company’s solutions enhance the productivity of mobile devices across platforms, allowing users to use them like desktop computers, no matter where they are.

In this Mobisystems Review, we review its 2 products. 


Office Suite & Pdf Extra

Mobisystems: Office Suite Review

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With OfficeSuite, you can edit documents of many different types, including common and popular ones. It is multi-platform and can be used with Android, iPad, and iPhone. You can use Mobisystems Office Suite for Windows 10, 9, 8, and all other Windows devices.

These platforms synchronize documents, so users always work with the most up-to-date version of files. OfficeSuite is not only capable of creating and editing documents, but it can also scan physical documents using the device’s camera. 

Additionally, in the system’s integrated License Manager, administrators can assign licenses to their employees and reserve rights. This feature is only available to those who have purchased a Business Plan. Furthermore, visit the Mobisystems Office Suite help center in case you encounter any issues while using it.

OfficeSuite comes with the following applications:

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1) OfficeSuite Documents

  • This app helps you to track changes that facilitate a smooth teamwork process
  • The app offers detailed formatting tools for text, paragraphs, and pages
  • You can make complex points more understandable by using graphic elements, such as charts, pictures, and tables
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice formats.

2) OfficeSuite Sheets

  • Over 30 kinds of charts are available to represent data in OfficeSuite Sheets
  • You can create the perfect design by adjusting presets, color schemes, and layouts
  • You can analyze the data with more than 250 functions and formulas
  • Share comments on cells with your team to get the job done quicker
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office and CSV formats.

3) OfficeSuite Slides

  • Create a presentation to illustrate your ideas with this app
  • Customize slide sizes and themes, as well as the layout
  • Bring your data to life with videos, shapes, and pictures from your camera or the internet
  • Add transitions and animations to highlight key points
  • It is possible to convert the file to PDF, upload it to MobiDrive, and access it wherever you want
  • Compatible with iOS and Android.

4) OfficeSuite Mail

  • Compose emails that are tailored for your audience using OfficeSuite Mail
  • Add a custom signature to the text and fine-tune the text formatting and layout
  • You can organize your Inbox even when you’re offline. Once you’re online, changes will automatically be synchronized
  • You can schedule events, send invitations, and merge multiple schedules from your various email accounts.

5) OfficeSuite PDF 

  • By setting up passwords you can secure important PDFs with OfficeSuite PDF
  • You can sign your documents with a digital signature
  • PDF files can be converted to editable Word, Excel, and ePub files while retaining all of their layout and formatting.

Check out this video that shows OfficeSuite in action

Mobisystems OfficeSuite Review – overall features, pros & cons

Main Features:

  • Create & Edit Word Files, Excel Files & PowerPoint Files
  • Convert Files to PDF
  • Hyperlink Editing: The hyperlink feature allows you to add links to other pages to a text or image
  • Document Printing: Enables you to print the required documents
  • Electronic Signatures Support: This allows you to sign documents using an electronic signature
  • Notes & Comments: Facilitates user communication via chats and comments within the document
  • Changes Tracking: This allows you to see real-time edits on a document
  • Integrated License Manager: Integrated file manager makes it easy to organize all of your documents & administrators can assign licenses to their employees and reserve rights
  • Document Password-Protection: Enables you to protect PDFs with a password
  • Annotations: Provides you with the ability to annotate PDF files (Annotation: To describe or explain a text or drawing briefly)
  • Document Editor: Provides editing and proofreading tools, including spelling and grammar checks
  • Document Scanning: You can use this feature to digitize and scan their paper documents into editable format


  • Advanced features
  • The user can add beauty to the files easily because it has the most important fonts
  • Easily accessible from mobile devices of any size 
  • Easy-to-use interface, with plenty of features
  • A format painter is available in OfficeSuite and works flawlessly
  • OfficeSuite saves your unsaved work in case of accidental closing of the application


  • There is only basic document editing available for free. You have to pay for accessing all other features
  • There are some missing fonts that need to be downloaded separately
  • It is necessary to have a data connection to convert pdf files to another format.

Mobisystems: Pdf Extra Review

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Today’s multi-device world is making PDF files more popular and useful than ever before. Documents in this format have excellent quality and formatting and are easy to share.

With PDF Extra, you can edit text, images, and convert your files into other formats, including Excel, and ePub, in just a few clicks. 

Our PDF Extra review will provide you with all the information you need about this editor to make an informed decision about whether it is the perfect choice for your PDF editing needs. 

Main Features: 

  • Scanning: With PDF Extra, you can use your device’s camera as a mobile PDF scanner. By clicking on “Scan to PDF” on the PDF Extra interface, you can easily digitize and scan your paper documents into editable files.
  • Filling out and Signing: With PDF Extra, you can fill out and sign PDF forms. With the app, PDF forms can be easily filled, making it easier to make changes to PDFs. Alternatively, you can use your stylus pen to draw your signature and sign documents with your saved digital signatures.
  • Editing: PDF Extra is a powerful tool you can use to edit your PDF documents. PDF Extra allows you to update and fine-tune every aspect of your PDF by tweaking anything you wish. Add, delete, highlight, rotate text, optimize the appeal of pictures, and adjust other aspects as needed. Use your app’s edit feature to begin editing text.
  • Annotation: PDF Extra offers powerful annotation tools that let you collaborate with your team through text boxes, shapes, and drawing tools. 
  • Conversion: You can use this app to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, ePub, and JPEG. The files can be converted back to PDFs with one click after making the necessary changes.
  • Organizing: You can organize your PDFs more conveniently with PDF Extra. Regardless of whether you are using PDF Extra for Windows or PDF Extra online, you can start restructuring your PDF files by clicking on the organize button. You can extract, combine, reorder, delete, and add to your liking. The feature also allows you to add labels and bookmarks for easy navigation.
  • Protect: The app offers you the ability to protect PDFs by using passwords. You can use passwords, encryption, and digital signatures to restrict unauthorized access to your sensitive documents through the ‘Protect’ feature. 
  • Read: PDF Extra can be a really useful tool to read your documents. This app allows you to read eBooks, invoices, and more.

More Included Features:

  • Cloud Storage: After signing up, you get free access to 5 GB of Mobisystems cloud storage where you can store your PDF files. MobiDrive storage can be upgraded to 50 GB with PDF Extra Personal.
  • Integrated file manager: PDF Extra includes an integrated file manager that makes it easy to organize all of your local and remote PDF files, sync them to the cloud, and set passwords for the app. The file manager allows you to compress files before storing them, by integrating PDF Extra size remover.
  • Snapshot: You can take a snapshot of the text included in the document.
  • Add Stamp: PDF Extra allows you to add a stamp on your document such as Confidential, Approved, and Draft, etc. Moreover, you can also include text with your stamp to provide additional information.


  • PDF Extra provides a seamless editing experience
  • You only need to buy it once. There are no additional purchases required. You can upgrade only if more advanced features are necessary
  • It is inexpensive when compared to other editors
  • With PDF Extra, you will have the option of locking sensitive files and protecting them
  • PDF Extra offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes editing files effortless
  • You can have access to a responsive and active customer service team, which will answer your questions instantly


  • You’ll need to purchase the premium version if you are planning to do more complex tasks
  • Several users report that stylus pens are not compatible with it
  • It is not available for Mac.

Final Thoughts

Overall, OfficeSuite & Pdf Extra are excellent products. The ease of use and price point of OfficeSuite make it a great value. On the other hand, PDF Extra is a highly functional all-in-one PDF editor. The app has all the PDF features you might need for reading, editing, annotating, and securing PDF documents.

We hope you have enjoyed our Mobisystems Review and it has helped you make an informed decision.

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