The 6 Best GFCI Outlet Reviews

The first thing that you should know about a GFCI outlet is that it can potentially save your life or the life of your loved ones. GFCI stands for – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. It is an electrical outlet that provides you with an additional layer of protection against an electric shock.

The GFCI outlet is sensitive to the slightest variation of current flowing through it.

For instance, a regular grounded outlet is protected by a breaker specifically designed to shut power to the outlet when the electric current exceeds the breaker’s rating – which is usually 15 to 20 amps.

Suppose you have a regular grounded outlet in your bathroom – the sink is filled with water and blow-drying your hair. Suddenly, your friend bursts into the bathroom and startles you. Subsequently, you drop the dryer in the water and, without second thoughts – reach in to retrieve it.

In a situation like this, if the breaker of the regular grounded outlet performs correctly, it will instantly cut the electric flow to the outlet but not before giving you a potentially healthy shock – which in some cases can be fatal.

However, in a scenario like this, the GFCI outlet would trip as soon as it detects the tiniest variation in the current – potentially saving your life. That said, protecting yourself and your loved ones might require installing the best GFCI outlet.

Here are the top six GFCI models that you might want to consider before buying one:

Below Is Our In-Depth The 6 Best GFCI Outlet Reviews



This GFCI outlet is engulfed in a thermoplastic case which makes it water-resistant. If the walls in your house are white, this GFCI outlet will perfectly blend in due to its crisp white finish. The outlet has tampering, whereas its lightweight material ensures durability and high strength.

You can easily detect the outlet’s working condition by the green and red LED indicators. You can test and reset the ANKO GFCI outlet for efficient manual operation. The only downside that you might find with the device is the dim level of brightness of the green LED indicator.


If you are a sucker for crisp black finishing, you will absolutely love this GFCI outlet as it comes in a black matte finish. Besides, the design looks classic and sleek. This outlet comprises a rare feature – mainly the dual GFCI protection system, which boosts the service life of this outlet and provides constant protection against ground fault.

The installation process of the ELEGRP GFCI outlet is super easy as all screws come in a ready-to-link state. In other words, you won’t feel the need to rotate the safety switch or pull the wires back. On the safe side, you can find help from the user manual that is included in all packages.

Besides, you can immensely benefit from the RWP (Reverse Wiring Prevention) feature, which abruptly stops power flow if there is a mistake in a wire. The only downside that you might find with this outlet is the slightness of this device.

PROCURU GFCI Outlet – 2 Pack

First things first – this GFCI outlet is in alignment with the requirements of the National Electric Code 406.12 – making it a primary reason to trust and rely on. If you are not familiar with the code, we should tell you that it revolves around the outlet’s resistance to tampering. In other words, only a standard plug can connect to the outlet to access electricity.

If one outlet gets damaged, you don’t have to get it replaced immediately as you can make efficient use of the second pack of GFCI outlets – in other words, you get two outlets with a single purchase.

The installation process of the PROCURU GFCI outlet is fast with no additional procedures required – just connect the wires with their respective terminals – and off you go! You can also avail of the options of having this GFCI outlet wired from the back or sideways – your call!

The only downside of this GFCI outlet is that you might find it hard to recognize the test and reset buttons.

Faith GFCI Outlet

You can put your faith in the Faith GFCI outlet as it conducts a self-test after every 2.5 hours to ensure that everything remains functional. We know that self-tests are mandatory for perpetual defense and protection against faults.

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The sleek design of this GFCI outlet allows it to be installed in any location of the house, even the bathroom, and kitchen where water is present. You can immensely benefit from its back and side wiring, which adds to the flexibility of this GFCI outlet.

The best part of this outlet is its speedy response (1/40th of 1 second) in the case of a potential ground fault, which can prevent possible electrocution and damage. The only potential downside of the Faith GFCI outlet might be that it can appear hard to pull the screws.


This GFCI outlet has been exclusively designed to meet your home’s entire terminal needs, which means that you are more likely to make a single purchase instead of multiple ones. This GFCI is perfectly safe for homes with children due to the 20 amp outlet.

The LGL GFCI outlet is not only weather-resistant but also tampering-resistant. The LGL is specifically useful in withstanding humidity and corrosion. The best part is the outlet’s end-of-life feature, which means that its red light will instantly turn on when the GFCI outlet requires a replacement.

As we mentioned before, the LGL GFCI outlet is weather resistant – you can install it both outdoors and indoors. The only downside of the LGL GFCI outlet is that the body might appear thick to some users.


 The BESTTEN GFCI outlet will never disappoint you when it comes to strength and durability. Compared to other GFCI outlet brands, the BESTTEN GFCI outlet is better in impact resistance and fade tolerance. The casing is lightweight and fire-proof. Besides, this GFCI outlet is easy to install, not to mention the flexibility of its 20 amp receptacle, which enables its smooth integration with commercial and homely applications.

The BESTTEN GFCI outlet comes in a package of ten which is easy to install. Its package includes the user manual, wall plates, and insulation screws, so no technical assistance is required. This outlet comprises a shutter mechanism that is also tamper-resistant.

The impossibility of the insertion of any foreign object makes this GFCI outlet safer – the only product that you can safely fit into the BESTTEN GFCI outlet is a plug (2-prong). This aspect also leads us to a potential downside of this GFCI outlet: you might find it hard to fit in some plugs.

Thank you for reading our 6 Best GFCI Outlet Reviews, and have assisted you on your way towards making a good decision.