Top 10 Best Inflatable Bounce Houses for Your Kids to Have Fun for Long

Inflatable bounce house is a fun concept for both the children and seniors. Inflatable playgrounds have always seemed attractive to children and their companions. It happens due to the support that they obtain towards climbing, sliding and bouncing at the same time. Compared to your dreaded trampoline, the bounce house is a much safer fun object.

Inflatable bounce house looks attractive and is easily available both online and offline. Easy to set up, these fun objects are known for their varying colors and tenderness. A comparison platform can show you through a vivid and fair Inflatable bounce house review. It is in your interest to compare and pick the best model for your kids.

Check Out the Best of the Bounce Houses that Are Dominating the Market:

#10 Wizard Bounce House Bouncers

The model comes with high quality flooring composed of Oxford Terylene worth commercial grade. The children are fond of it as it yields substantial bouncing freedom. They owe much of the bouncing fun to the steady base composed of big supporting columns, strong mesh, and high railings. The ride delivers easier sliding due to a smooth surface containing extra Velcro.

Every unit contains a basketball hoop that is inflatable. While bouncing, you have to shoot the hoops using a lightweight ball within your premises. It owes much of the durability and long usage span to its quadruple stitching.


  • A sturdy structure supported by strong pillars
  • Material worth commercial grade delivers heavy-duty performance on a bouncy floor
  • Supported by a strong UL blower
  • Easy accessibility and safety assured b a Velcro opening
  • Inflated size worth 9 ft Length x 8 ft Width x 7 ft Height

#9 B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL Air Blower

Among all models that you come across in the category of 1.5 HP blowers, the latest Kodak 1.5 HP is making headlines. It is the latest of all B-Air models in this category. Besides drawing a much lower amp of 8.8, it maintains static pressure of 9.8 inches.

The unit is made for producing 1290 CFM. The new model is an upgraded version of the older KP-1.5 and comes with a compact and lightweight buildup. The housing is roto-molded and yields a higher impact than its predecessor. Besides ensuring a patented secure design, it comes with a 25-ft cord and its handle is also much easier to carry. The standard B-Air blowers bear reverse air louvers possessing patented safety designs.

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  • Dimensions of Product: 17 x 17 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight of Item: 35.6 pounds
  • ASIN: B014URB47Q
  • Model number of Item: BA-KP-1.5ETL
  • Age Recommended by Manufacturer: 15 – 16 years

#8 BOUNTECH Bounce House

The inflatable bounce castle takes your kids through a journey of childhood and provides them with uniform happiness. The entire fun element delivered by the bounce house is extended within a safe ambiance. It has something to do with the upbringing of your children.

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It assures them of health and growth. You can use them for outdoor and indoor activities at large. The coating of Oxford fabric worth 420D is made of PVC, which keeps it from punctures. The entire fun unit has a basketball rim, ocean ball pool, climbing wall, two slides, and a trampoline. The perfect choice is an inflatable bounce slide worth high quality and added safety.


  • Net Weight: 43 lbs 
  • Material: 420D Oxford 
  • Dimensions of Product: 10ft (Length) x 10ft (Depth) x 7ft (Height) 
  • Capacity of Weight: 300 lbs 
  • Recommended Age: 3-10 years old

#7 Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House W/Slide Bouncers

Your little prince or princess will venture into the charming palace more frequently than any other thing. Much to the liking of your kids, each of its pillars support flags in bright red color. The slide is worth 10” long and bright blue in color, which has a strong climbing wall.

The safety of your little ones has been kept in mind while designing each feature of their bounce house. Besides safety cover net, it even comes with a Velcro Sun roof, which are quite removable. The kids are bound to fall in love with the 8.5 ft x 7 ft plunging area.


  • Huge inflated size 13 ft L x 12 ft W x 9 ft H
  • Supported by a powerful UL blower
  • The bouncing floor is supported by material of commercial grade supporting heavy duty performance.
  • Package contains a Basketball hoop
  • A powerful bounce structure
  • Double to quadruple stitches are made to secure the puncture-proof body made of heavy-duty materials

#6 OTTARO Inflatable Bounce House 

OTTARO bounce house ensures total safety of your children from all quarters. The manufacturer uses Oxford materials worth 420D that is free of toxic and heavy-duty puncture-proof. In an attempt to toughen the ultimate durability, they are using material that is extra thick and durably sewn.

 Their main priority is safety of the kids. It is for meeting the global standards that the authorities have approved the Ottaro jumping castle. Such approval has come following detailed testing.


  • Maximum No. of Users: 3
  • Big Area of Jumping: 9.2’×8.85′ square feet
  • Maximum Weight: 220 lbs
  • Package Contains: Repair patches, Carrying packs, User Manual, and the Bouncer

#5 doctor dolphin Inflatable Pink Bounce Castle House Kids Party Bouncy House with Commercial Grade Air

Doctor Dolphin bounce house is the right option for your children since it provides them a safe and happy environment. Your kids will find it a great opportunity to burn their extra calorie. Be it for usual gathering or a birthday bash, your present or gift will draw their attention.


  • Mesh walls surrounding the jumping area will safeguard your children and make you stand witness to all the fun that they have.
  • Utilization of tarpaulin material and double sewn seams will turn the jumping area more durable and strong
  • Colors and unique designs will draw the attention of children
  • Substantial area and size to facilitate jumping both within and outside the house
  • Possessing the Certificate of Children Product

#4 WELLFUNTIME Bounce House

A dart board, football goal, latest basketball ring and ball pit enables children with multiple means of exploring the usual trampoline. The ventilated and shady ball pit bearing windows composed of mesh yields a cool ambience for summers. Your child can keep shoes and water bottles within the storage space of side pockets.

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  • Inflatable size of 145.5x 120 x 85 that matches both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Fiber fabric of synthetic nature that yields resistance towards puncture alongside inflatable size
  • It is both durable and sturdy besides showing labels of safety warning
  • A GFCI plug is provided along with the blowing power of the unit worth 450W, 3.8A.
  • It is simple to clean, store, and fold

#3 Little Tikes Giant Inflatable Slide Bouncer with Heavy Duty Bouncer, Multicolor, Model

Kids can bounce, slide and jump with the help of the inflatable bounce house. Alongside a fun slide, the unit extends huge space to children for having fun. It doesn’t take much time to inflate the Jump ‘n Slide bouncer. It lets you avail easy storage with a compact design and folding pattern.


  • Mesh walls for additional protection
  • Mesh net along the long walls of the jumping space
  • An active blower that runs even when the inflation takes place
  • Bouncer must be firmly placed prior to jumping
  • Adequate jumping space of 12′ x 9′

#2 ACTION AIR Bounce House

Action Air has long been sharing toys for kids and is known to fill their lives with fun and happiness. They have won the trust of buyers by enabling a safe environment for the kids to play. The fun begins as soon as you pull the burner to the backyard.


  • Possessing the Certificate of Children Product
  • Package Contains: Repair patches, Carrying packs, User Manual, and the Bouncer
  • Mesh walls surrounding the jumping area will safeguard your children and make you stand witness to all the fun that they have.
  • Colors and unique designs will draw the attention of children
  • Substantial area of 9.2’×6.9′(ft) and size to facilitate jumping both within and outside the house

#1 Picasso Tiles [Upgrade Version] KC102 12×10 Foot Inflatable Bouncer Jumping Bouncing House

KC 102 involves a basketball rim that comes included in the package alongside 4 balls. A plethora of entertainment values are delivered to the kids and their parents as they play with these footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and basketballs. It extends their time for bonding as well. It ensures an open space at the top by way of the retracting shade cover alongside the usual inflatable bouncer.


  • Continuous entertainment by way of the stretched slider
  • Extensive playing space in the huge gaming area of 12′ x 10′
  • Accommodates 3 kids weighing up to 250lbs
  • Assures easy access through multiple access and a full-size entrance at the back
  • Ensures full safety for children besides offering netted wall design with mesh


An Inflatable Bounce House comes in a plethora of options for the parents to choose. It is always important for you to do your own research. Reading through the manufacturer guidelines is of utmost importance for a user. It is closely associated with the safety of your child. You must also analyze the usage requirements with your kids before placing an order. Experts often advice you to go through a detailed Inflatable Bounce House Review to ensure that it’s the right object for your family.


How much does it cost to own a bounce house?

The price of a bounce house depends on its features. The price tags may vary from $700 to $2000.

Should I buy any bounce house?

A bounce house is a place of unlimited fun for your kids. It helps in their mental and physical well-being.

Can adults get inside bounce houses?

Bounce houses are made of strong materials. So, both adults and kids can enjoy the inner space.

Can you use your bounce house in the rain?

An inflatable house tends to become dangerous for kids as the texture turn slippery. However, it is advisable that you go through the manufacturer guidelines before you start using them.