Donner Concert Ukulele Review – DUC-200 23 inch

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024

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In our Donner Concert Ukulele Review we will show you all of the specs, pros and cons. We have had a good look at the DUC-200 23 inch Donner concert mahogany ukulele, and believe it’s a one of the best concert ukulele for beginners & best concert ukulele under $100. Read more below of our Donner ukulele review to see why we think so……

Donner Concert Ukulele Review

This Donner Ukulele is a well built 23inch Concert that is constructed with smoothly finished African mahogany wood. Aquila nylon strings are smooth and soft to touch as you learn to play, giving a nice clear sound. 

Featuring bone nut blanks and bone saddle, gives it a classical design with high density and hardness for better resonance. 

donner ukulele review

A traditional dovetail mortise with tenon joint technology gives strong stability. Black abs fingerboard edging strip with the Aquila strings gives a traditional look and feel. 

Donner does not tune the ukulele before packaging to avoid damage during transportation. The kit comes with a digital clip on tuner so that you can tune the standard tuning strings – G, C, E & A.

Read more of our Donner Concert Ukulele specs, pros and cons below

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Why We Like It:

  • Good quality for price 
  • Traditional construction
  • Great for beginners


  • Concert style
  • 23 inch length
  • African mahogany wood with lacquer finish 
  • Bone nut blanks and saddle
  • 4 advanced Aquila carbon nylon strings
  • Black abs fingerboard edging strip
  • 18 brass frets. Fret position are marked at 5, 7, 10 & 12.
  • Dovetail mortise and tenon joints
  • Balanced tone
  • 1:18 gear ratio
  • Kit comes with padded protective carry case with pocket, 4 extra strings (B, D, E & G Chords), 4 picks (sizes 0.46 and 0.71), strap, tuner & cleaning cloth
best concert ukulele under $100

Check Out Our Video For A More In-Depth Look


  • Great for beginners and advanced players
  • Whole kit for a good price
  • Free video online lessons
best concert ukulele for beginners


  • The Aquila strings go out of tune fairly often, but it is pretty common
  • Some of the online videos are a little over complicated for beginners which makes it harder to learn

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FAQ’s – Donner concert ukulele review

Are Donner Ukuleles Good?

Donner’s ukuleles are actually quite good. The quality & sound is impressive with a suprisingly affordable price. For more information, check out the Donner website here.

Do you need a tuner for ukulele?

Yes, the Concert Ukulele full kit comes with a clip on digital tuner to get your ukulele tuned perfectly. As the instrument is new, it will take time for the strings and wood to adapt to the pulling force. It may take a few days dependent on humidity and temperature.

Can you use a guitar tuner for ukulele?

Yes if the tuner comes with a ukulele mode, like the digital tuner that comes with the Donner Ukulele Kit. However, if the tuner is guitar only, it wont tune the ukulele to the right frequency that it requires.


After having a good look at the DUC-200 23 inch Donner concert mahogany ukulele, we are quite impressed. The Ukulele feels comfortable; it has a nice finish and sounds great. Plus, the price is very competitive, especially for the whole kit!

We hope you have enjoyed our Donner Concert Ukulele Review and learnt everything you need to know.

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