The 10 Best Cheap Windows Tablets Review

Last updated on July 6th, 2022

The millennial witnessed the introduction of the tablet PC in 2001. Touch-screen devices were launched by laptop manufacturers that are inspired by a futuristic concept. Although the tablet-pc didn’t achieve much success, it marked the beginning of a noble concept.

The tablet PCs took around a decade to reach the common hands. The unique designs and styles of tablet PCs would make them easily distinguishable. However, you must compare them based on your preferences.

List of 10 Best Cheap Windows Tablets You Can Buy this year

#10. CHUWI Hi10 Tablet PC 10.1

CHUWI Hi10 Tablet PC 10.1 is reasonably priced and received much appreciation owing to it smooth performance and unique qualities. A Full-HD IPS display is a perfect fit in the 10.8 inches tablet. You have dual-boot option and USB-C in the tablet, and it is backed by an Intel Atom x5 processor.

Key Features

  • It supports the dual operating system based on Windows 10 and Android 5.1. Backed by a friendly customer support desk, it depicts the perfect running effect and excellent interface. A 1-year warranty period helps the buyer gain the much-needed peace of mind.
  • A 64-bit quad core processor called Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 helps it in supporting high-quality graphics and deliver improved performance. The user finds it easy to perform multiple tasks as it’s equipped with a powerful battery.
  • It supports advanced gaming with an internal memory of 4 GB and 64GB, which can be extended by a TF card worth up to 128GB. It helps in meeting all working and gaming purposes.
  • Alongside a net display area of 10.1 inches, it even provides for Bluetooth connectivity. It even supports a proper transmission of pictures, files, and data.

#9. NuVision 8-inch Full HD IPS Touchscreen Tablet PC

If you are looking for a tablet PC worth an incredible price and high-quality material, then the NuVision 8-Inch Full HD model is apt for you. Besides being light in weight, it ensures a great battery life of six hours. You may carry it easily while travelling.

Key Features

  • The silver color and a neat design are its primary attractions.
  • Be it about watching your favorite videos or playing games, you will be fond of an IPS full-HD display.  The Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3735F Processor enhances your working experience in every respect.
  • You may enjoy about 1.83 GHz of Intel Burst Technology. Sharing of images and files gets faster alongside secure data transmission as the model comes with Intel HD graphics and an awesome battery life worth 6 hours.
  • Storing data worth any amount is possible as it’s equipped with DDR3L-RS 1333 2GB memory and eMMC SSD storage worth 32GB.
  • NuVision Full-HD 8-inch is a perfect match for students that have a restricted budget for tablets.

#8. Nextbook Flexx 9 Touchscreen Tablet

Nextbook Flexx 9 Touchscreen is the only convertible laptop that matches your budget. A detachable track pad and a keyboard teams up with the 1280 x 800 IPS display. The windows tablet has great features and it comes with a lovable design and appearance.

Key Features

  • An IPS touch screen worth a high-resolution of 1280 x 800 yields a display of 8.9 inches.
  • It provides Onboard Storage worth up to 32GB.
  • An Intel Atom Quad-Core processor ensures smooth all-over performance.
  • A rear camera of 2.0 MP and a front-facing camera of 0.3 MP teams up with WIFI 802.11 and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • A charging indicator light and built-in microphone is among the key highlights of the unit.
  • Multi-tasking has never been easier with PowerPoints, One Note Apps, Excel and other pre-installed applications.
  • The Windows Tablet serves various purposes for both students and professionals that need to handle several files simultaneously.

#7. Lenovo Miix 320 Table

Lenovo Miix 320 has an easily detachable keyboard, 4GB RAM and eMMC storage worth 64GB. Both fro web browsing and checking emails, it is a great option.

Key Features

  • It is a two-in-one model that comes equipped with a detachable keyboard.
  • It ensures high-quality viewing experience.
  • It is very portable with its slim and lightweight body.
  • A long battery life of 10 hours is a great advantage for the users.
  • Be it for web browsing, app usage, and email checking, it is a great Window model regardless of whether you are using it at home or in office.

#6. Samsung Galaxy Book 12

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 is one of the high-on-demand Windows tablets. The buyers prefer the Super-Amoled display if this unit for clear viewing. A long battery life of eleven hours and the power of Intel Core i5 CP processor make it a great buy. Alongside a plethora of storage options, you will even get a keyboard cover.

Key Features

  • It comes with an S-Pen and a keyboard.       
  • The productivity of the tablet can be increased with Super AMOLED screen.
  • A single touch is enough to get it connected with the Samsung Smartphone and Samsung Galaxy Book.
  • Responding to the notifications and wireless sharing of the files is very smooth.
  • Equipped with an advanced Windows technology, the tablet appears stylish and needs only about 3 hours to charge.

#5. Linx 12X64 – 12.5-Inch Tablet with Detachable Keyboard 

Linx 12X64 – 12.5-Inch Tablet is an 8-inch model which is very eye-catchy and well-designed. Apart from improved gaming and work performance, it even fits in well with your budget. Equipped with BT, WLAN, 2x Camera and 2GB of RAM, it offers 32GB of internal storage and Intel x5 processor.

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Key Features

  • You may enjoy an enhanced gaming and viewing experience with the Menu or Share button. Alongside D-Pad and XYAB backlit buttons, it even provides you with the full Xbox controls.
  • Using Xbox for streaming games has never been easier before. Attaching a micro-SD card can help you in achieving 128GB of additional memory.
  • Windows 10 comes with Cortana and Continuum to help you achieve smooth performance by detaching the things of your choice.
  • Linx Vision 8-inch Tablet is cool for playing games and for streaming via Xbox One.

#4. ASUS T102HA-C4-WH Transformer Book 10.1

ASUS T102HA-C4-WH Transformer Book 10.1 is another Windows tablet that comes within your budget. It boasts a metal body that supports 4GB RAM and expandable memory worth 128GB. Battery life of 11 hours and smooth performance backed by the Intel Atom x5 quad-core CPU are its other highlights. It sports advanced features besides looking stylish and elegant.

Key Features

  • It functions both as a tablet and as a laptop.
  • The battery stretches for up to an 11-hour long duration.
  • It ensures 64GB Solid State storage.
  • Intel Atom Quad Core x5-Z8350 Processor renders a power-packed performance.
  • It seems very portable as it is very light in weight.

#3. Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)

Microsoft Surface 3 10.8-Inch Tablet appears to be an expensive model that yields a great performance. With 4GM RAM and SSD storage of up to 128GB, it boasts smooth multi-tasking backed by its Intel Atom x7 processor. You will find the package with a digital pen and a keyboard. The features ensure a great experience for all users.

Key Features

  • It boasts a Full HD plus 10.8 ClearType Touch-screen to ensure improved viewing of all images and videos.
  • The keyboard is easily detachable.
  • The surface pen support is also worth mentioning.
  • It is packed with a 1TB Hard Drive comes in combination with 128GB SSD and 16 GB RAM.
  • An Intel Atom x7-Z8700 Quad-core processor runs a smooth performance.
  • The students can make good use of the 10.8-Inch Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet. Without compromising on the performance level, it fits in with the budget very easily.

#2. Windows 10 Fusion5® Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC

Windows 10 Fusion5® Ultra Slim Windows Tablet PC is backed by quad-core Intel Atom processor. It even has the capability to connect with multiple ports and boasts storage of 32GB and RAM worth 2GB.

Key Features

  • It sports an ultra-slim design which reflects a stylish appearance.
  • The tablet can perform several tasks at a time and boasts a large and powerful storage space. You will never fall short of storage.
  • 10” GRAPHIC DISPLAY will be perfect for viewing your favorite music, videos, and games. Be it for gaming, watching videos or listening to your favorite music, the audio and 10” graphic display maintain great quality.
  • It is a great option if you are on a restricted budget and want a lightweight and slim tablet PC.

#1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is one of the latest versions with great features and a brand new look. The Surface Pen and an attachable optional keyboard makes this fancy-looking tablet a great buying option. Storage worth 1 TB and the 12.3 inches ultra-sharp display are also worth mentioning besides its strong hardware and 16GB RAM. A durable battery life yields uniform support for all uses.

Key Features

  • It is empowered with an Intel Core i7 processor belonging to the 8th generation.
  • It offers video playback for 13.5 hours.
  • Compared to the Surface Pro 5, it works sixty-eight hours longer.
  • It comes with front-facing speakers which have been re-designed with a cooling system which is quieter in the absence of a fan.
  • A cover of the Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type and a Surface Pen makes it a unique buying option.
  • For those that need tablets for multiple uses the Microsoft Surface Pro is a suitable option.


Tablet PCs yielding high-quality performance are bound to appear in the top review lists as they can be ranked very easily. These tablet PCs are capable of assisting you in completing your tasks effectively. The article has listed a few cheap window tablets that have hit the market as best sellers.

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