Top 10 Best Commercial Cotton Candy Machines Review 2021

Last updated on October 23rd, 2021

Looking for top commercial cotton candy machines in the market? Here is the best commercial cotton candy machines review for you to choose from.

Commercial cotton candy machines fulfill your desire to relive the memories of your childhood. Regardless of age, no one can deny sweet items like cotton candies. 

Commercial cotton candy machines are a must-have item for your kitchen nowadays.

Here are our best commercial cotton candy machines reviews

#10. Paragon Classic Floss Cotton Candy Machine with Metal Bowl

This is one of the professional commercial cotton candy machines available in the market. It is quite expensive. There is a heavy-duty motor inside the machine which is responsible for the fast delivery of cotton candy. The machine comes with a 26inch aluminium bowl.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • There is a controlling dial in the machine.
  • It is a high-performance machine.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The machines start showing heating problems after long use. 
  • Little expensive comparing to other brands.

#9. Clevr Compact Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker Pink

It is available in many colours. The machine serves only 2 to 4 cotton candy per minute. It is not very fast. Besides, this comes with a matching lid which saves you from exceeding your budget.


  • The machine is very easy to install. 
  • It is quite handy and portable.
  • It provides good quality candy. 
  • Easy maintenance is another special feature of this machine.


  • Some people find this machine difficult to use. 
  • A few manufacturing defects have been reported for these commercial cotton candy machines.

#8. The Candery Premium Cotton Candy Machine- large stainless steel bowl

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This unique product has been made by candery, keeping in mind the modern kitchen decorating style. It features protective safety shields, durable bowl, and floss applicator on top. It produces excellent quality cotton candy. It is one of the safest machine available in the market so far.


  • There is no fuss of complicated tools during installation.
  • It is very handy and portable.
  • The machine is whisper-quiet during operation.
  • You can disassemble the machine easily.
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  • It isreported that the machine starts bringing smokes after a long term use.

#7. Giantex Cotton Candy Machine Electric Cotton Candy Maker Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

To give you happy using feeling the machine comes up with music and colourful lights.

The machine is very easy to run as it has only 3 buttons in the bottom part. Buttons are for heating, controlling and power. It has a big drawer attached to it.


  • It is quite fast for its size as it serves 4 to 6 cotton candies per minute.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Stable feet and rim guard have made it handy.
  • Easy installation is another advantage of this machine.


  • The floss gets stuck in the rim and other parts of the machine. 

#6. VBENLEM Commercial Cotton Candy Machine with Cart Blue 110V Stainless Steel Electric

This is another floss making machine in the form of cart. Its design will remind you of the original old-time cotton candies.

Voltage display and attached rubber gaskets are the main features of this machine. The gross weight is around 20kg.


  • It is noise-free.
  • This machine serves 7 cotton candies per minute. 
  • The wheels make this machine convenient and portable for the owner. 
  • The machine provides a good quality cotton candy.


  • Manufacturing defect has been reported from customers for this.
  • People also face hurdles installing the entire machine.

#5. VBENLEM Electric Candy Floss Maker 20.5 Inch Cotton Candy Machine Blue Cotton Candy Maker

This is one of the cheapest commercial cotton candy machines available in the market. 

The machine includes a bowl of stainless steel which is 21-inches, voltage meter, fuse, temperature controller, convenient on/ off button etc. The machine is so far the fastest one in this blog. 


  • It serves up to 7 cotton candies in a minute. 
  • The machine is easy to clean. 
  • It has a drawer below to store the raw materials for making cotton candy.
  • There are clips which hold the bowl tightly, thereby reducing the vibration.


  • There are some complaints regarding the manufacturing defect. 

#4. Display4top Tabletop Commercial Electric Cotton Candy Machine Sweet Sugar Candy Floss Maker

This 1080 watt floss maker will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. It operates on 110V/60Hz power and serves 4 candies per minute.

It has a 20.5-inch diameter bowl of stainless steel which is clamped down properly. 

To set your mood, it has LED light and carnival-like music designed in it. 


  • It provides a whisper quiet and quick operation.
  • The price of this machine is relatively low.
  • The rate of vibration is very low.
  • It disassembles itself into several parts for easier cleaning.


  • People have complained the machine wastes a lot of sugar and floss. 

#3. Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker Pink

If you are looking for mouth-watering cotton candies made at home, then Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Party Candy Floss Maker is the right machine for you.

This is a 1080 watt electric machine which runs with the help of a belt-driven high-performance motor. There is an In-built drawer for storing necessary items.

It will solve whatever the purpose you are buying such a machine for.


  • The machine heats up the floss at an optimal temperature.
  • There is a safety handle inside the machine
  • It serves up to 4 cotton candies in a minute. 
  • It comes up with a cover also.


  • A frequent complaint about this machine is that the dreamy cotton candy that comes out of it is very chewy.
  • People often complain about the machine shooting sparks.

#2. VIVO Blue Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine/Candy Floss Maker

If you are planning to make cotton candies in parties or carnival, this machine is the perfect choice for you. You can take it anywhere you want.

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This floss maker comes in a variety of colours such as pink and blue. But the speciality which gives it an edge over the previous one is, it comes with a bubble shield.

It is a 1030 watt electric cotton candy maker. It requires 110V/ 60 Hz power to operate. 


  • Almost 99.9% of its customers have given 5 out of 5 quality feedbacks.
  • The machine is quite handy and portable.
  • Maintenance of this machine is quite easy as all its parts disassembled. 
  • A quick operation is an advantage of this machine.


  • The machine doesn’t include a stabilizer mesh. They ask you to buy it from outside. That is an expenditure concern again.
  • The machine starts making a popping noise after long use.

#1. VIVO Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Floss Maker (CANDY-V001)

Are your kids asking you to make big fluffy cotton candies at home? VIVO brings you an innovative but affordable electric cotton candy maker.

This 1080Watt electric machine can serve you two to three cotton candies per minute. This machine works on 110V / 60Hz power. You just have to wait 5 minutes for this machine to heat up.


  • It is really easy to clean as the bowl can be removed for washing.
  • Bowl is clipped on 4 sides to make the machine stable.
  • The machine is super fast. It starts producing floss as quick as you can gather them.
  • The machine shows voltage reading, unlike others. 


  • This machine also has its fair share of flaws. The packaging doesn’t bring you bubble shield. This will extend the budget.
  • The product often comes up with manufacturing defects. 

Getexpertreviews Buyer’s guide: 

There are several commercial cotton candy machines in the market.

First, you need to be very clear about the purpose of usage. The power of the machine is a very important factor as it determines how quickly your cotton candy is being made. It is highly recommended you buy a machine of at least 500 watts. Flexibility, durability should also be your concern.

Purpose of usage

If you are buying such a machine for your shop, then go for ones with cart and professional commercial cotton candy machines. But if it is for your home, only go for wheel free machines.


Always buy a dome-like cover for your machine. See the bowl, if it is tightly attached to the machine with clips. It gives your machine stability. 


We all desire to purchase stuff that are of finest quality and take full advantage of our investments. So, the primary factor to choose the best Commercial cotton candy machines is your budget. It is wise to make a decision about your budget and move forward according to that. Commercial cotton candy machines are quite expensive. Allot 10,000 rupees to 30000 rupees for this.


It is highly recommended you buy a machine of at least 500 watts so that the candy is produced quickly.

Do thorough researches before you buy a cotton candy maker.

Let’s answer a few questions regarding this.

How much does it cost for a cotton candy machine?

It will cost you around 170 dollar or 13300 rupees. There are a few machines available at a lower price also in the market.

How bad is cotton candy for you?

Cotton candy can weaken your immune system. It is highly advised you don’t have cotton candy when you are sick as it increases the chance of infection.

What is the best cotton candy maker?

In my opinion, it is the Paragon electric cotton candy machine. 

To wrap up, I would say if you are thinking of buying a cotton candy machine, read our entire review and then choose wisely, which one suits your budget. Keep in mind your target customers and limit of usage while buying such a machine.