Best Air Track Mats: An Absolute Guide for Buyers!

Last updated on February 28th, 2021

The best air track mats are the ones with the solid build quality, ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. They come in different sizes, lengths and widths that are ideal for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, yoga, freerunning, and also water sports.

The best air track mats that we have included in our article were finalized after taking into account the personal experience of over 201 people. They are the ones with the highest ratings and best reviews, so you can entirely rely on them for quality and reliability.

Picking the best air track mat for your use is not very difficult. The things you have to keep in mind are—size, building material, portability, and extra accessories.

 List of the Best Air Track Mats of 2021

ProductBuild MaterialSizeWarranty
FBSPORT Inflatable Air Track Tumbling MatPVC TarpaulinVariableNA
AKSPORT Air Track Airtrack Gymnastics Tumbling MatPVC TarpaulinVariableNA
ChampionPlus Air Track Tumbling MatPVC TarpaulinVariable12 Months
Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mat Yoga and Exercise MatsPVC TarpaulinVariable12 Months
Ejia Tumbling Air Track Inflatable Training MatsPVC Tarpaulin10 ftNA
Murtisol Inflatable Gymnastics Training MatsPVC TarpaulinVariableNA
ALIFUN Air Track Inflatable Floor MatPVC Tarpaulin10 ft, 13 ft, 16ft45 Days Money-Back
EZ GLAM Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling TrackPVC Tarpaulin10 ftNA
86 York Inflatable Airtrack Tumbling MatPVC Tarpaulin13 ft, 16ft, 20 ftNA
Ludosport 10FT/13FT Air TrackPVC Tarpaulin10 ftNA

1. FBSPORT Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mat

Size and build quality:

The FBSPORT Inflatable Air Track mat comes in 10 different lengths starting from 10ft to 40 feet, with a standard width of 4inch and 8-inch. It’s made of high-quality PVC tarpaulin and 500D filament grade, which ensures safety and durability. 

Due to the wide variety of sizes, the mat is suitable for high-performance training, gym training, gymnastics exercise as well as training mat for preschool kids

Other features:

You get an electric air pump, which takes less than a minute to inflate and deflate the air track. They have handles on each side and velcro pads that let you extend your surface area. You can set the pressure anywhere between rock-solid to soft and bouncy.

This air tract has excellent customer feedback. Many users have mentioned that the air pressure retained for months. They love the electric pump and the easy-carry bag. The price is on point for such an affordable, reliable and safe Air Track.

2. AKSPORT Air Track Airtrack Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

Size and build quality:

At a little higher price, you can get the AKSPORT Air Track, which comes in different shapes, colors, combos and sizes that start from 3.28 ft and goes up to 39 ft. These are made of 1000D double-wall drop stitch material and high-quality PVC tarpaulin that ensures even better airtightness and durability. These are also available in circular sizes.

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Other Features:

It comes with an electrical pump, a carry bag and a repair kit. It has 4 handles placed both sides, even includes Velcro pads so that you can extend it when needed. It’s suitable for anyone, any age group for both indoor and outdoor use.

This, too, has excellent customer reviews. The most appreciated fact was the build material, it’s super durable, and the air pressure will last you several months. The size and color availability is another widely appreciated face. Apart from some minor issues with the delivery, this is a very good value for your money.

3. ChampionPlus Air Track Tumbling Mat

Size and build quality:

Air Track Tumbling Mat from ChampionPlus comes in 4 sizes 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, 20ft and 4-inch/ 8-inch width variations. They are made of drop stitch fabric PVC waterproof tarpaulin and German Henkel Adhesives that ensure the highest quality standard. 

Unlike others, they have thick non-slip handles and rugged velcro pads that make it possible to link more air tracts together for an added space.

Other features:

ChampionPlus Air Track mat comes with bravo valves and a free electrical pump that takes very little time to inflate and deflate. And They are ideal for all kinds of floor exercise and tumbling passes. What is more, is that this product is backed by 45 days money-back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.

The owners have mentioned it to be extremely durable, safe and easy to use. Anyone can set this device without looking at the manual. The brand has a well responsive customer service team,A few people who got some issues related to the pump got a replacement.

4. Inflatable Air Track Tumbling Mat Yoga and Exercise Mats

Size and Build Quality:

The Inflatable Air Track falls a little on the pricier side but has some amazing features to offer. It’s available in 10ft, 13 ft, 16 f, 20ft, 23ft, 26 ft length size, thickness 4-inch/8-inch and 3.3 feet width. Made with carbon fiber, coated with a waterproof PVC layer, and the V-drop stitch technology makes it one of the most robust and durable tumbling mats.

Other features:

The package includes one electrical pump, storage back, and a manual. The powerful velcro pads allow you to build your ideal exercise space. The non-slip surface makes zero noise while performing. 

And the handles ensure easy portability. Unlike traditional foam-mats, the soft structure helps you jump higher without any injuries; also, the air pressure is maintained for a longer time.

It’s good to use indoors, outdoors, on water, grass and land without any issues. It has 4.5-star ratings by the users. It has 30 days money-back guarantee plus a 1-year replacement warranty. The majority of the owners said it was full value for money purchase.

5. Ejia Tumbling Air Track Inflatable Training Mats

No products found.

Size and Build Quality:

Ejia Air Track training mats are available only in three sizes 10ft, 13 ft and 20 feet; it is 4-inch thick and 3.3 ft wide. Coming to the build quality, the mat is made of top-quality PVC tarpaulin. The entire surface has reinforced seams ensuring strength and better airtightness. It’s waterproof, and super dense drawing makes it more elastic.

Other Features:

The air track includes one electric pump, one repair kit, durable nylon Velcro pads and sturdy non-slip handles on both sides. You also get a carry bag free of cost. The bravo valves take less than a minute to inflate. 

After inflation, you won’t hear any noise while training, even the air-pressure is also maintained for days. It’s suitable for gym enthusiasts, gymnasts, cheerleaders, for land and water activities.

Ejia Tumbling Air Track is relatively new on the market, so there are no such customer reviews. Hence, we have tried it ourselves, and there were no major issues, other than there is no warranty on the product.

6. Murtisol Inflatable Gymnastics Training Mats

Size and Build Quality:

Multisol is available in different length sizes– 10ft, 13 ft, 16ft, 21fr, 27ft, 34 ft and in two thickness variations 4-inch and 6-inch. There is no 8-inch variation. As of the stitching material, it’s made of 0.12mm stout PVC fabric, which offers better performance than the standard 0.9mm PVC but at a higher price. It’s anti-fading, resistant to abrasion, crack, and aging, hence, promising a longer lifetime.

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Other Features:

The Velcro pads can be attracted to different brand training mats. You get a 600 W electrical pump, a carry bag, 1 valve tool and a repair kit. After defeating, it turns into a tiny foldable mat that you can easily carry with you. It can be used for practicing yoga, gymnastics, kungfu, martial arts, and the hardest training both on land and water.

The product has very few customer reviews, but as you can see, the quality has led the users to rate it with a 4.9 star. This is one of the highest-rated air track mats. If you don’t have any budget issues, go with this one.

7. ALIFUN Air Track Inflatable Floor Mat

No products found.

Size and Build Quality:

ALIFUN Air Track and Inflatable Floor Mat is an ideal choice for the beginners. Now you can choose from 3 sizes- 10ft, 13ft, and 16 ft, with 4 to 8inch thickness. The build material it uses is the standard double-wall material and 0.9 mm thick commercial grade PVC. It offers excellent sustainability and airtightness as a beginner level air track as all the seams are reinforced.

Other Features:

This budget model still manages to come with a Bravo valve, an electrical pump, a carry bag and a repair kit. It has carry handles on both sides. The manufacturers have mentioned it is 100% waterproof; hence you can take it for water activities as well as for school sports.

To the owners, this product was satisfactory. It’s one affordable, safe, and versatile air tract for the toddlers. The majority of them were pleased about the delivery and packaging.

8. EZ GLAM Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Tumbling Track

Size and Build Material:

Looking for something colorful, strong, and sturdy? Then go with this EZ GLAM Air Tract. It’s available from 10 ft to 20 ft length variants, 4 to 8-inch thickness and dozens of colors that will surely impress you. This is made of 1.2 m double-wall PVC fabric that can withstand up to 5 psi of air pressure. You can use it for all kinds of sports, gymnastics, outdoor and indoor activities.

Other features:

Inflating takes 30 seconds, and deflating takes around a minute. They are airtight, completely noiseless and packs into a small bag that becomes so easy to transport. It is leakproof and waterproof. It comes with an electrical pump, repair kit, and air valves.

The product has 4.6 ratings from around 500 customers. The users have mentioned it to be easy to set up, easy to inflate, and easy to put away. The softness is great for back tucks. Overall, this is a fantastic product apart from the fact that it has no warranty.

9. 86 York Inflatable Airtrack Tumbling Mat

Size and Build Quality:

This is another great value for money Airtract Tumbling Mat. It is made in different sizes from 10 ft to 27 ft, but now only 3 sizes are available, 13ft, 16ft, and 20 ft. You can choose from two thickness variates according to your usage, 4-inch, and 8-inch. It’s made with 0.9 mm thick PVC tarpaulin and double-wall material for the floor.

Other Features:

Other features include- waterproof, zero air leak, reduced noise levels, non-slip grip and handles for portability. You will receive a manual pump, a repair kit, a canvas bag and a manual. Even though it’s on the cheaper side, it can retail the air-pressure for several days.

Most of the customers have mentioned the quality to be better than their expectations. According to them, it is long enough, it’s easy to put away, and setting this thing takes less than a minute. Overall, it’s a satisfactory product with 4.5 ratings.

10. Ludosport 10FT/13FT Air Track

Size and Build Quality:

Ludosport Air Tract currently comes in only one size 10 ft in length and 3.3 ft in width with 4-inch thickness. It’s made of double-wall or drop-stitch PVC fabric, which makes it durable and stretchable.

Other Features:

Due to all reinforced seams, it has better airtightness; it is waterproof and resistant to abrasion. It comes with a 4-in-1 electrical pump and a carry bag. It has handles placed on both sides. Inflation and deflation can be done in less than a minute.

According to the reviews, it’s good for beginners but not the best for professional training, which is acceptable considering the price value. The quality is decent, and the colors are pretty.


The air tracks that we have included in the list are one of the best in the market. As mentioned earlier, we have reached out to the users personally, and we took their feedback and reviews into consideration. We finalized the list after 96 hours of extensive research and experiment.

We have tried to pick only the best rated and trusted products. These are not sponsored, we tried to be honest while reviewing. The links that you see are genuine and will directly land you to Amazon’s shopping page.

Hope this article was helpful. If you have any queries regarding any of the products mentioned above, feel free to share it with us.