Top 9 Best GPS Pet Tracker

A GPS tracker is nothing but a receiver that has the geographical location of a person/ object when attached to them.

The advancement of tracking, monitoring pets has taken a hike with the current impressive GPS trackers. Keeping the furry ones safe and secure can only happen when you choose the right GPS Pet tracker.

With the piles of options available, one needs to understand the priority and features the appropriate GPS tracker offers. The best GPS tracker is, of course, the one that offers real-time tracking, voice-monitoring, wider network, lightweight.

Start tracking every move, every activity.

In our blog, we will dive deep into the detailed information of the accurate GPS Pet trackers. With these, you can locate your lost pets in seconds instead of hours.

Here comes the brief list of 9 best GPS Pet trackers

Product NameBatteryKey Features
9.FitBark GPS Dog Tracker1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Compatible with Human Fitness Tracker like Apple Watch, FitBit, so on.
8.GPS Pet Tracker, Real-Time Cat Dog Locator3.7 V rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery.Supports multi-person monitoring.
7.Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth TrackerReplaceable one CR2025 batteryBluetooth connectivity with a range of 200 feet.
6.Loc8tor Pet Tracker |1 rechargeable lithium batteryCovers outdoor & indoor range of 400ft.
5.Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker1 rechargeable polymer batteryIt can track live real-time locations.
4. Whistle GO & GO Explore1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Proactive alerts once your pet leaves indoors.
3. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker1 rechargeable battery.Offers indoor tracking by reading router readings.
2. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker1 rechargeable battery.Long-distance tracking of up to 3.5 miles.
1.Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker1 CR2 battery.Bluetooth connectivity up to 100 feet.

#9. FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

24×7 Tracking:

The FitBark GPS Dog is considered as the best GPS tracker in Pet Tracker as it informs the sleep quality, traveled distance, burnt calories, complete behavior, overall health status round the clock.

For all pet owners, it is flexible enough to set ultimate goals for their four-legged friend as per the age, weight. Also, it gives prior clear alerts of symptoms of illness, discomfort in prior.

Wider Network:

This sets multiple Wi-Fi Safe Zones to let you monitor your breed’s exact location. Also, you get notified when the tracker moves in/out one of these zones. In case of need, the wider embedded Verizon 4G LTE-M cellular network range backs you up with the information of your pet’s location in minutes.

With the advancement of the human health tracker, you can link this best GPS tracker with your Fitbit, Smartwatch, and Apple watch to enjoy safe habits simultaneously. Also, it works for your pups anywhere with a battery life of 10-20 days.

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This has earned a high review score from customers. Buyers appraised the tracker due to its real-time exact location monitoring, its lightweight nature. Users appreciate this waterproof variant that collars up 5lb 240lb pups. It weighs only 17g that fits 1.5″ flat collars, making it super comfortable for all-day usage of your loved ones.

#8. GPS Pet Tracker, Real-Time Tracking Device

Wider Network:

This utilizes a GPS satellite navigation system to track your pet’s real-time location. Besides, the buyer gets notified via SMS on the app. Such great compatibility with GPS + LBS + AGPS network gives the user confidence to locate their lost pet without getting worried. The navigation is accurate within 5 meters. 

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Hence, this is the best GPS tracker option for pets who do not stray too far from its buyers.

Safe Fence Advancement:

With the virtual Safe Fence system, you can set a designated safe zone and receive mobile notifications if your pet wanders out of the protected, safe area.

Also, the company introduced multi-person tracking at the same time from multiple phones. The best GPS tracker offers a mobile app that records up to 300days of activity.

The waterproof IP67 small design, durable, non-toxic ABS material allows your friend to enjoy adventurous weather conditions like snow, rain. A lot of buyers have preferred this flexible fit due to its 20 days of battery life. It’s worth mentioning that now you can offer reliable protection to your pet on all adventuring journeys.

#7. Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth

Bluetooth Compatibility with User-Friendly App:

The Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracking platform utilizes Bluetooth to monitor your pets within a 200ft range. This latest generation app alerts you via ringing at 101dB volume when you locate your lost pet through its advanced map location. This best GPS tracker reflects the last known place on the map and utilizes Bluetooth to inform if your pet is near or far.

Replaceable Battery:

With the replaceable CR2025 battery, you do not need to rely on everyday charging. Also, change your battery once instead of changing the device. This best GPS tracker variant offers an entirely IP67 water-resistant, rugged design to withstand the weather severities.

This GPS tracker has got excellent reviews due to its sleek design that fits any pup. The customers are surprised by the accurate tracking of location. This lightweight device does not discomfort your pet. Hence, this 15g works best with your pets.

#6. Loc8tor Pet Tracker | Tracking Cat Collar | Pet Tracking System

Advanced Monitoring:

This award-winning GPS tracker uses advanced RF-based directional technology to track your pets even when they are at their hiding places. Its unique dual directional advancement gives you both audio and visual signals to guide you in the right direction to find your pet.

 So, with this best GPS tracker, you enjoy peace of mind. Hence, this is considered the most accurate pet tracking gadget.

Zero Subscription:

The monthly subscription renewal is not needed. If you are searching for an affordable way to locate your pet, this is the best GPS tracker.

The small, lightweight device weighing just 5 grams reduces the discomfort of your pet for all-day usage. Also, it works significantly within 400 ft. This, again, aids in finding your pet.

As it is an excellent gadget for pet tracking, it has gained gallons of positive reviews from customers. The buyers are delighted with the added features on the tracker’s tag that uses a small beep signal to train your pet to come to you.

#5. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Live Tracking & Activity Monitoring:

Get live GPS tracking of your furry friend every 2-3 seconds to pin down the real-time location. This best GPS tracker can even record the history of locations your pet has visited on the free Tractive GPS app.

Also, it allows your pet to stay healthy by smooth integration with a fitness tracker.

Virtual Safe Fence:

This best GPS tracker allows you to set a virtual safe area for your pet. The TractiveLTE GPS Dog Tracker sends instant alerts if your pet leaves the designated safe area.

The tracker’s rechargeable battery stays up to 2-5 days at one single charge. Tractive requires a monthly subscription renewal to make the most out of the device and works best with all age ranged pets.

Shock-resistant, IPX7 waterproof gadget allows your pet to be a part of your adventures.

What customers like about this small product is it’s incredibly 1.28 ounces lightweight, which makes it the best GPS tracker for pets’ parents. Most of them preferred worldwide location tracking, sharing features. They are happier to clip it easily to the collar without creating any uneasiness for their furry baby.

#4. Whistle GO & GO Explore

Proactive Alerts & Daily Activity Monitoring:

The Whistle Go explore can track off your pets with a smart GPS activity tracker via AT&T 3g cellular service, google maps. Also, this best GPS tracker notifies you of the alerts via instant text, app, email when your pet is out.

This gadget keeps track of daily activities to ensure your furry friend gets enough exercise as per their age, breed, and weight right from your phone.

Subscription Fees:

This best GPS tracker has introduced affordable monthly/yearly subscription plans, which includes connection coverage to AT&T nationwide network to keep track of your pet. Hence, it is easier to track a pet’s exact location, travel history, daily activity, rest, etc.

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The initial set-up is hassle-free and requires Wi-Fi. Also, this rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 days at a single charge. This durable waterproof works best in all weather conditions for all age ranged pets.

This small device gained high praise from buyers due to its 0.96-ounce weight. It is a clear option for pets weighing 8lbs and up. Most of the customers claimed that they got exactly what the brand promised.

#3. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-time GPS Tracker:

Unlimited Distance Real-Time Tracking:

With an international sim, Tracki offers worldwide GPS coverage to pin down the accurate location, giving you real-time information. Also, this best GPS tracker offers location through the best Android or Ios compatible apps.

Smart alerts & Notifications:

GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth accurately locate your pet within 10-60 feet every 1-5 minutes. This best GPS tracker facilitates Wi-Fi indoor tracking by monitoring the router readings when indoors. If your pet crosses a designated Geo-fence zone, you get real-time alerts.

This device will notify you with SOS panic alerts, low battery, speeding, moving alerts about the tracker’s movements through App, text, email. 

Buyers can view 5 years of history reports.

The rechargeable battery runs for 2-3 days. If you don’t need real-time tracking, the battery lasts 1-month tracking twice per day. Also, one can replace the battery.

This affordable small device’s installation is hassle-free. This easy setup is completed within 5 minutes and can go live within the next 3 minutes.

This smart device has gained 4.7 stars from its users on Google Play reviews. Customers liked this 1.4oz tracker to clip discretely to the collars due to its lightweight. The users hail this device for its lifetime warranty, exclusive features, magnetic attachments.

#2. PetFon Pet GPS Tracker:

Real-time long distance tracking

This best GPS tracker utilizes GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, long-distance wireless advancements for exact real-time tracking. With the Petfon app, laser carving antenna amplified signal, you can track your pet’s location ranges till 0.65 miles in dense zones and 3.5 miles in an open ambiance.

Petfon utilizes the actual LoPowan wireless technology. So, you can freely travel with your pets without a SIM card and mobile phone network.

This utilizes the nearby Wi-Fi hotspots, wireless access points to locate the location of the pet’s tracker. This accurate feature finds your pet faster. Hence, it works best in intensive Wi-Fi zones like urban environments.

Geo-Fencing & Smart Alerts:

Post designing a safe, security zone; if your pet moves out from that zone, with Geo-fencing, you will get auto alarms. You can set a dangerous zone in prior. If your pet moves in that zone, you are notified. The 11-color LED lights on the GPS tracker allows you to locate your pet in a dimmed ambiance.

With the 70dB sound, you can record voice commands & store it in the tracker to converse remotely with your pets.

This best GPS tracker is easy to install and requires no monthly fees. The small, durable, rainproof device’s battery lasts until 8-16 hours.

The buyers claimed that they had an impressive experience with this small device. Most of them mentioned they liked this 5.28 ounces due to its non-toxic, odorless nature that is extremely pet-friendly.

#1. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

Bluetooth Connectivity with Easy-to-Use App:

The Cube Key Finder Smart Tracking platform combines with Bluetooth to track your pets within the 100ft range. This latest generation app alerts you via ringing at 80dB volume when you locate your lost pet through its advanced map location. This best GPS tracker reflects the last known place on the map and utilizes Bluetooth to inform if your pet is near or far.

Replaceable Battery:

With the replaceable CR2025 battery, you do not need to rely on charging everyday. Also, change your battery once instead of changing the device.

This best GPS tracker variant offers an entirely IP67 water-resistant, rugged design to withstand the weather severities.

This affordable GPS tracker has got excellent reviews due to its sleek design that fits any pup. It has reached a peak among the other variants available in the market. Customers are surprised by the accurate tracking of location.

This lightweight device does not discomfort your pet for all-day usability. Hence, this 12g easy to use device works best with your pets. Overall this device is blended in a perfect design and host of features.


  1. Are GPS trackers safe to use?

Most GPS pet trackers work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth while some others use long distance wireless tracking technologies. All of these technologies do no harm to your pet. They will only feel some discomfort if your GPS tracker is heavy and big in size.

  1. How does the pet GPS trackers work?

GPS or Global Positioning Systems for pets has a similar GPS chip which listens to the signals from the satellites. Then with the help of Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection these signals are sent to the parent’s device i.e. smartphone laptop etc.

  1. Can I track my pet from my phone?

Almost all GPS pet trackers nowadays come with their personalized apps that you can download on your smartphone Android, iOS and check real-time location of your pet.


We compiled the above list of the most accurate GPS trackers after taking the personal experiences from 324 people. These accurate, innovative products ensure that your pets are safe without creating much discomfort. Apart from being just a GPS tracker, this is an added protection to your pet.

However, the excellent quality of the Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker is unbeatable. This GPS tracker offers a bunch of impressive specs. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity, replaceable battery makes it the best.