Top 10 Best Play Kitchen in 2021

Last updated on February 28th, 2021

A play kitchen is one of the games or activities that every person has enjoyed playing while he/she was a kid. The best play kitchen set is, of course, the one that your little one will love. Still, there are plenty of options out there that can leave you confused.

They come in various sizes, shapes, with varieties of kitchen tools and items. The best play kitchen set can be incredibly expensive with dozens of items, or it can be a simple kitchen playset that you can carry with you.

Apart from being just a toy, this playset also helps your little one to grow motor skills, cleaning habits, and hand-eye coordination. They can enjoy playing with their friends and family, which is essential for their social skill development.

When buying a play kitchen set, consider the ideal age of playing, items included, and the build quality.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Play Kitchen Sets in 2021

ProductIdeal AgeNo of Accessories
Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen 2-6 year45
KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set3-10 years18
Step2 Best Chef’s Kitchen Playset 2-5 years25
KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen3-5 yearsSet
Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen:3-6 years 
Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen 2-6 years24
KidKraft 53298 Uptown Natural Kitchen3-15 yearsSet
Large Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds 3-15 yearsSet
KidKraft Wooden Mosaic Magnetic Play Kitchen with Magnets3-18 yearsSet
KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue3-7 years 

#1. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen :

Age: The Step2 Kitchen playset is specially designed for toddlers of 2-6 years.

Material: Plastic

Package Includes: It includes realistic stovetops, play phone, storage racks, appliance doors, swivel sink, coffee station. The sizzling sounds, realistic lights add fun in the session. Every time your kid opens a refrigerator door for a milkshake, he mimics a play. Also, loaded with 45 kitchen accessories for your kid to start his kitchen. Your kid gets engaged in pragmatic cooking.

How is it unique?

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Your family gets to notice your kid’s imagination, improvement of speech. It develops the liaison of hand and eye. Hence, your kid is more cautious while grasping a bowl, opening a door, turning a range on.

Such stimulation of mind develops the critical thinking of your kid while he is in trouble closing a door. You observe how your little ones adapt to great cleaning habits. I recommend you to be a part of the kid’s restaurant with Step 2’s magical innovation.

Buyers thanked the spacious countertop for accommodating multiple kids during a play. Also, the set’s versatile color options blend well with the existing décor of the client’s room.

#2. KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

Age: The modern-designed play kitchen from Kidcraft is ideal for kids from 3 years to 10 years. This innovative playset is perfect for realistic cooking roleplay. 

Material: MDF, Wood, Metal, Plastic.

Package Includes: It features a large refrigerator, chopping board, wooden knife, farmhouse sink, storage crates. The convenient hanging hooks allow all the 18 accessories easily. With the large chalking board, your kid can highlight the signature dish of his menu. The innovative EZ Kraft assembly takes the least time in assembling.

How is it unique?

Such exciting light, motion, sound sensors add every detail, starting from the sound of running water to the crunching of sliced veggies. So, your loved ones learn to reassemble, organize, develop motor skills, use their thoughts.

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You would love seeing how they upkeep hygiene, food safety through proper washing. Also, you can help your kid in assembling with the easy instructions given through the BILT app.

Such an elegant design has racked over 3000 reviews. Buyers have found all the features realistic, impressive, interactive. Families who have more than one kid prefer buying this for their little ones. 

#3. Step2 Best Chefs Kitchen Playset

Age: This manufacturer from America designed the durable playset for toddlers of 2-5 years.

Material: Plastic.

Package Includes: It consists of refrigerator, oven, burner, spacious counter space, pass-through window, adequate storage space, convenient hanging hooks, coffee maker station. The stove is equipped with fun light and sounds. With 25 accessories set, your kid will enjoy cooking, organizing meals in their play kitchen.

How is it unique?

Also, it engages the toddler in social play. So, she enjoys cooking with the realistic sizzling, bubbling sound. It boosts creative development, motor skills. Also, it encourages your kid to have a blast while developing great habits like hygiene, cleaning.

Your little ones showcase their critical thinking, imaginations, language development through this fun roleplay session. Also, this kid-friendly unit can support group play. The blend of blue, black, brown coordinates with the décor of any room.

Parents loved the versatility, utility of the affordable play kitchen. It has gained trust due to its simplicity, design, quality build, compactness, low maintenance. It is BPA & toxin-free.

#4. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen

Age: This modern-styled, interactive kitchen gives a realistic feel to kids of 3-15 years.

Material: Sturdy composite wood.

Package Includes: Loaded with exciting features like functional doors, battery-driven ice-maker, rotating faucets. It facilitates your kid’s kitchen with a refrigerator, freezer, functional shelves, microwave, oven, dishwasher, cordless phone, laundry.

The unit’s granite styled countertops often give the kid a feel of an actual kitchen. Also, the lights and the sound keeps the fun alive during the session. With the convenient storage, your kid enjoys the fully equipped kitchen.

How is it unique?

Besides fun cooking, your kids learn the importance of cleaning, organizing, and imagination. The angled style, dark wood shades go well with the décor. All of these keep your kid entertained through the fun process of cooking imaginary delicious foods for the family.

Customers love the concept of easy assembling of a play kitchen that simplifies everything. Also, this generously sized playset is spacious enough to organize group play with their cousins, friends.

#5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Age: The aesthetically designed white-marble colored playset is ideal for toddlers of 3-6 years.

Material: Wood.

Package Includes: The realistic kitchen set details like a refrigerator with ice-maker, turning dial knobs, microwave with turning plates, sink with rotating faucet indicates modern kitchen design. The movable hooks, adequate storage, generous shelves offer convenient storage for your kid to work in an organized manner. Hence your kid can house too many accessories in it.

How is it unique?

The imaginary play gives hands on to the budding chefs in preparing creative meals. Also, at a very early age, he engages in interaction, great hygiene. It has proved to promote your kid’s confidence level, resilience, social skills, brain development. The shopping list gives you an ideal feel of the grocery checklist required for the cooking.

This is one of the best-rated playsets with 2700 reviews. Reviewers are amazed at the durability and utility. Also, the roomy space of 3.5 ft *3 ft lets you organize a team play session.

#6. Step2 Downtown Delights Play Kitchen

Age: Keep your preschooler of 2-6 years engrossed into an interactive playset with Step2 Downtown Delights Play kitchen.

Material: Plastic.

Package Includes: There is an electronic stove top burner, refrigerator, pass-through window, farmhouse sink with gooseneck faucet, storage cabinets. Kids love the lively burners with lights and sound. The spacious shelves hold 24 accessories set. It keeps your little culinary experts engaged in cooking.

How is it unique?

It is so easy for your kid to assemble under half an hour. Also, it allows your kid to move the unit freely. It boosts the kid’s interactive play by developing more important skills like creativity, imagination, motor skills, social skills. While your kid is having fun with his team, he learns to organize, clean, and interact. Besides, this playset goes well with any furnishing.

This modern, compact variant of Step2 has taken care of every bit of customer reviews.  Reviewers mentioned it looks even better than a real kitchen. This innovative set is an excellent purchase. It is BPA free.

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#7. KidKraft 53298 Uptown Natural Kitchen

Age: Give your young chefs of 3 – 15 years a little fun with the blast cook up session through KidKraft Playset.

Material: Composite wood.

Package Includes: It is loaded with chalkboard, cordless phone, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, removable sink. The great convenient storage, innovative countertop design allows your kid to store accessories easily.

The playset surprises you with the paper towel holder. With a chalkboard, your kid highlights the daily specials of the menu. Hence, your kids learn the ABC of cooking, cleaning, storing, organizing things. Also, it benefits your kid’s brain development, motor skills, interaction.

How is it unique?

It is easier to fit the pieces together. The contemporary design allows your kid to play with multiple kids at once. Your kid will love to open, close the doors.

Parents mentioned how their kids are engrossed in this particular stylish variant of KidKraft. Also, there are multiple reviews where the little ones love the realistic sound of clicking the knob. The great craftsmanship ensures its durability. It is the ideal kid’s friendly BPA-free set.

#8. Large Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

Age: This vintage wooden play kitchen is loaded with fun for toddlers of 3-15 years. So, your little chef enjoys preparing imaginary meals for you.

Material: Wood.

Package Includes: It houses a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven dishwasher, ice maker, cordless phone, removable sink. Your kid will get a feel of the actual knob as and when he turns them. The convenient storage houses the accessories easily.

The tile backsplash, granite-designed countertops, faucet adds modern style to the play kitchen. The lights, sounds of ice-maker turn the pretend playset lively. It offers your kid a pretty realistic cooking.

How is it unique?

Your kid can easily put all the parts together. The well-designed white set blends well with any décor. Also, this detailed, spacious set allows your kid to play with his friends. Through this playset, your kid learns cooking, organizing, hygiene, cleaning, interaction, storage skills.

It is a massive hit among its buyers. The smart construction has amazed its users with durability. This is a sturdy playset with an affordable price tag.

This best playset encourages enough to develop active imagination among your kids.

John Co. Fouder of

#9. KidKraft Wooden Mosaic Magnetic Play Kitchen with Magnets

Age: Spice up the cooking play of your toddler of 3 -8 years with Kidkraft Wooden Play kitchen.

Material: Wood.

Package Includes: There is a magnetic refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, oven, microwave, spacious farmhouse sink. The fun clicking sounds while dispensing the imaginary 3 ice cubes from the ice maker cheers up your kid with joy.

With the convenient storage, extra rack, your kid can easily store the 6- accessories set. Your kids are more occupied in culinary creations. Besides learning about cooking, your kid adapts cleanliness, interaction, creativity, imagination through this interactive playset.

How is it unique?

It offers easy assembling for kids. This sturdy, white, smart design blends well with the décor of your little chef’s playroom. This cute kitchenette allows your kid to decorate the refrigerator with magnets/ shopping lists. Also, the set is BPA & toxin-free.

Reviewers praised this wooden mosaic set from Kidkraft due to its exceptional details, realistic design, great up-to-date looks. 100% worthy investment.

#10. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

Age: Turn the kitchen play much exciting for toddlers of 3-7 years with this another variant of toy kitchen from KidKraft.

Material: Wood, plastic.

Package Includes:  This vintage kitchen offers a removable sink, microwave, range, refrigerator.  The convenient storage is one more selling point. The spacious storage holds numerous accessories. Kids learn to cook up some amazing meals for you.

Also, at the same time, they develop great skills like critical thinking, interacting, creativity. In addition to it, they master the hygiene habits, cleaning aspects, organizing things.

The clicking sound of the knob, sizzling of pan, boiling of water impress the kids with its lively sound effects. Functional doors give your kids the real feel of a kitchen.

How is it unique?

The detailed step-by-step instructions help your kid to assemble it with minimal efforts. This blue plastic model blends well with the décor. The vivid design allows your kid to enjoy cooking with his team.

Parents mentioned that this adorable variant looks realistic. The detailed unit with interactive features brings a smile on the face of your little chef. Also, the set is BPA & toxin-free.

Wrapping It Up

Since years, play kitchen sets have gained popularity among toddlers and preschool kids.

These innovative products offer pretend play sessions without causing any hazards like an actual kitchen. Choosing the perfect set is not daunting anymore. Let your kid enjoy all the realistic features of a playset with loads of accessories, kitchen equipment.

However, the impressive quality of  Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen is unbeatable.

It allows your kid to host a team play, offering a pile of impressive features. It has covered all your kid’s tastes. This durable set entertains your little chefs for years. More importantly, adequate storage to hold 45 accessories makes it the best.