Duck Feather vs Goose Feather Pillow – We Compare The 2 Pillows

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024

In this article, we will compare two pillows – Duck Feather vs Goose Feather Pillow

Pillows are one of the most crucial components of a great night’s sleep as they can make or break your quality of rest. The wrong kind of pillow, or one that is too hard or too soft, keeps you tossing and turning all night long. The right pillow, on the other hand, gives your head the support it needs to stay aligned with your spine.

Duck Feather vs Goose Feather Pillow

Feather Pillows: What are they?


Feathers are the outer covering of birds; they make the animal capable of flying. The feather pillows that we are going to discuss here are of two types; duck feather & goose feather pillows. The material for pillows is obtained from both the back and the wings of the animal, specifically duck & goose. 

The feathers have quills, so thin pillows may permit the quills to poke through over time. If you use a protector or thick pillowcase to guard yourself, you can minimize the poking. In many cases, a pure feather variety has a slimmer profile and will flatten out over time as its quills align.

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Is Duck Feather or Goose Feather Better? 

Let’s take a closer look at both of these materials separately to determine which one is best. 

Duck feather pillows

Difference between duck and goose down duvet

There have been duck feather pillows around for a long time. If properly cared for, this natural-fill pillow can last up to 15 years

There is a great deal of comfort and softness to this pillow. The reason they’re so popular is that they feel like sleeping on a cloud. 

Goose feather pillows

is duck feather or goose feather better

Compared to duck feathers, goose feathers are softer. They are not expensive and more structured than other pillow-filling materials. Additionally, they are flexible and easy to mold, providing comfort and ease to the users.

It is no wonder that goose and duck feather pillows are some of the favorites of hotels. They provide a level of comfort that microfiber (synthetic) pillows cannot. 

You should also consider the position in which you sleep and your health needs when choosing a pillow. In this article, we’ll discuss Duck feather vs goose feather pillows to help you choose the pillow that will provide the best night’s sleep.

Comparison Between Duck Feather & Goose Feather Pillows

Duck feather vs goose feather duvets and pillows are a hot topic among users to decide which one to choose. Here, we compare both of these materials to help you in your decision-making. 


The durability of duck feather pillows is generally the same as that of goose feather pillows. The durability of the feathers (used in pillows) depends on the amount of oil and fat in the birds and on a variety of factors, such as feed, weather, etc.

Generally, duck feather pillows are also durable. When handled properly, it can last for a very long time. It is because feathers won’t bunch up like cotton or polyester.

Whereas, the quality & durability of goose feather pillows make them a popular choice among consumers. This is because geese have a longer life span and are larger & stronger than ducks which also allows them to have larger clusters. 


Duck feather pillows are soft and fluffy. You can fluff your duck feather pillows to make them just as fluffy as the day you bought them. Fluffing your duck feather pillows on a daily basis will help them regain their original shape and make them more fluffy.

On the other hand, goose feather pillows have a thin, flat surface and do not have enough fill to provide good support. Moreover, goose feather pillows are softer than duck feather pillows.


Both duck feather & goose feather pillows are easy to maintain. The best way to keep duck feather pillows in good condition is to wash them periodically. The pillow is machine washable and dry-cleanable. It is recommended to wash pillows every six months. 

The same goes for goose feather pillows. They are also easy to wash & maintain. Furthermore, your pillows need to be dried properly to prevent mold and fungi growth.


Users have complained about the bad smell emitting from duck feather pillows. It happens because a duck’s chest is closer to the ground, which means it can pick up dirt and debris that may not wash off during cleaning. This may cause it to smell foul during your sleep. 

While this is not the case with goose feather pillows. They don’t release a bad smell and give you a comfortable & peaceful sleep time.

Duck feather vs goose feather Duvet

Duck vs Goose Down

As we discussed duck feather pillows & goose feather pillows, you might be curious about the difference between duck and goose down duvets or pillows. 

Down fibers are found under the feathers that protect the bird. It contains no quills and is light and fluffy.

Overall, duck down differs from goose down by the size and fill power of its clusters. The down clusters of geese are generally warmer and have a higher fill power than that of ducks.

When you are shopping for a down comforter, it’s important to consider the difference between these two. In comparison to duck down, goose down has a higher value. 

There are great differences in the quality of down, depending on the product – for example, a high-quality duck-down comforter might be better than a mediocre goose-down one. Furthermore, your budget and specific needs must also be considered. Mostly, all types of materials for pillows come in a blended form to meet your specific needs. For example duck feather down pillows, goose feather down pillows, down feather pillows, etc. 

Final Thoughts

There are many options available to you when it comes to selecting a sleeping surface. Because the price of goose feather and duck feather pillows is high, some people shy away from them, and they switch to other alternatives.

For a more authentic experience, opt for a goose feather or duck feather pillow. You should have a better idea now of the differences between these similar materials so that you can make a decision that could guarantee you a relaxing and comfortable sleep.

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We hope you have enjoyed our Duck Feather vs Goose Feather Pillow Article and helped make your choice. 

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