Top 10 Best Crabgrass Killers in 2021

Last updated on September 28th, 2023



You may have the most beautiful garden which you maintain with utmost care. But an attack of crabgrass simply spells doom on all your maintenance. They are persistent weeds and grass which will cover your garden in no time, thus hampering the beauty and order of it. To get rid of it manually without the help of any quality product is an uphill task and also does not stop their recurrence. This is why we bring to you a list of the best crabgrass killers which are extremely destructive for your orderly garden.

List of Best Crabgrass Killers in 2021

10. Ortho Weed-B-Gon Max

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This is easily an entrant in the list of the best crabgrass killers. To begin with it is extremely affordable with its pricing and can be beneficial for all. It is a product which is an absolute value for money. It gets to the root cause of the crabgrass problems and provides one of the best solutions. Working over 225 breeds it is effective in a big way and can help you deal with most of the crabgrass related problems that you can be faced with.

Another advantage of using this product that the formula it uses is relatively weaker which is a blessing in disguise. It ensures that the other plants in your garden will not be adversely affected with the use of this product. It is also known to take care of the dandelions which again are one of the reasons it is among the best crabgrass killers.

9. Scotts Halts

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Everybody follows the proverb which goes like, prevention is better than cure. That is very true when it comes to the crabgrass problem as it is much easier to prevent that to solve when it has already occurred. This is the theme of this particular product which serves as a preventive measure for crabgrass.

All you need to do is, apply it during the months of spring and you do not have to worry about the occurrence of crabgrass anymore. It discourages any kind of moss formation and prevents the crabgrass from germinating in the first place. A great thing about this product which is among the best crabgrass killers is that it can work in all weathers. However you must ensure the proper timing for this particular product’s application as the wrong time will make sure that there is no result whatsoever.

8. RM43 Total Vegetation Control

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When it comes to this list of the best crabgrass killers we have to accommodate every possible kind. This particular product however is among the stronger ones and thus while applying you got to be very careful about it. Any plant that this touches will be killed and thus we would suggest that you use this as a spray and pray application. Among the notable features of this product is that it is also somewhat preventive as for the next one year there will be no new growth. Besides this the product can be used on bushes and vines and usually takes a day to reach the root of the plant.

7. Doctor Kirchner Friendly

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The product is not as harsh as the one that we just discussed. There are many who are worried about their pets or other plants or even their kids after the application of a very strong product. This is the ideal alternative for them. It is a very environment friendly product as the areas of application can have a growth in the next 24 hours itself. This is extensively manufactures in USA and if you use non selective solution there is a risk of the grass getting burnt. The best thing about this apart from being eco friendly is that it will not leave stains on handscapes.

6. Ornamec Over-The-Top

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This is not the most affordable product and comes with an expensive price tag. However, so good is the quality of this product that even a little concentrate works wonders. It requires about two rounds of applications and works on over 500 species. While it does not affect the plants in general do get a good read as to the plants it can damage and apply accordingly. The best results are observed on young grass.

5. Compare-N-Save Concentrate

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If you have a very large scale infestation of crabgrass then this happens to be the best crabgrass killer that you can get. From each container can be made 85 gallons of weed killers which has the capacity to cover over 25000 sq feet of land. It does not act the fastest but in just two hours after application it becomes rainproof.

4. BASF Drive XLR8

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Being a water based formula this happens to be extremely effective even when you apply it on the surface and it does not require direct application to the roots. It is known to last for as long as 45 days and are just the right product for sports fields.

3. Syngenta Tenacity Turf Herbicide

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This is an absolute all rounder in terms of the best crabgrass killers. It contains mesotrione and that works well as not just crabgrass killer but also as a preventive measure. Thus this can be applied in any season you want. This is the most effective in the control of bentgrass. The product can be used without a worry on a turf which has been newly seeded. This comes in very handy as many other products fail at this.

2. Spectracide Concentrate

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This is among the fastest result provider when it comes to the crabgrass killers. This particular product spectracide concentrate works in as little as just three hours which means you have the results right before your eyes. It is known to work best in higher temperatures so make sure that you apply this product when the temperatures cross the 60 degrees mark. It is best for the spot treatments and is also very effective when it comes to dealing with poison ivy. All this qualities make this one of the best crabgrass killers in the markets.

1.Primesource Quinclorac

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This product works wonders on crabgrass and leaves them dead in a week. Other unwanted weeds in your garden also follows suit in no time. This is thus very effective as a product and is possibly one of the best among the lot. It is appropriate for commercial use and mixes well with cold waters.

It is known to pair up nicely with surfactants which result eventually in the best results possible. If you get this particular product for your garden then you can be assured of a crabgrass free lush green lawn.

Editor’s Notes

In this list of crabgrass killers we tried to accommodate all kinds including the likes of non selective and selective chemical herbicides, the organic options and the ones for preventive treatments. You can use these best crabgrass killers commercially or for personal use and their goodness will reflect in your beautiful garden.

However make sure that certain products are applied only on days with no wind as the wind can help carry this to other plants which you do not want to kill.

Why Is Crabgrass Such A Problem?

This is an annual grass which dies off in the winters but not before leaving around 150000 seeds for each plant. The rate of their growth is highly uncontrolled and this results in their rapid spread in no time. While they are not individually harmful in any way, it is a distress sight for those very particular about how their garden looks. In case you are someone not too worried about it then crabgrass is not that big a threat as it does not kill other plants in the vicinity.

But if a well maintained garden is what you seek then a crabgrass killer is what you require. So we have provided you with this list to pick and choose and get the best one for yourself.

How to Keep It Away Once It’s Gone

One of the major challenges even after you have managed to kill and remove the crabgrass is the prevention of them being back again. For this you must always be vigilant as the crabgrass can make its way back in no time. Whenever you find one you must uproot it from the roots with immediate effect.

Afterwards mulch the soil surrounding it so that the seeds if any, do not get the chance to make a comeback. You have to be particularly aware during springtime with the temperatures crossing 55 degrees as this is the time the seeds usually germinate. You can use fertilizers and pre emergent herbicides at the places where they are more likely to occur. Lastly have a healthy lawn with lush green grass and maintain it well as then it becomes increasingly difficult for crabgrass to find its way in.

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