Top 10 Best Microwave Carts Reviews

Last updated on December 9th, 2023

For every homeowner, finding kitchen storage seems to be quite challenging. For some appliances, you won’t find the right solutions in your in-built cabinets and shelves. Under such circumstances, your storage issues can be resolved by microwave carts.

Besides being mobile, the microwave carts yield substantially spacious storage options for the user. That is one factor that makes the cart an unavoidable part of your kitchen. While placing your order for a cart, you might get confused due to the presence of a plethora of options available in the market. For those that are always in favor of genuine products, we have reviewed a small list of products.

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 10. Ameriwood Microwave Cart

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The Ameriwood Cart is your ideal option if you’re attempting to find something that meets the role of a kitchen island. The product helps in optimizing the space inside your kitchen due to its perfect shape and size. You must also remember the robust construction of the cart. The versatility and functionality of the microwave cart deserve special mention.

On each end of the cart, there are towel racks that are very useful in holding towels; you may even use them as handles while pulling the cart around. The best thing about the cart is that it provides all modern features with an inexpensive price tag.

 9. Sauder Microwave Cart

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Loaded with a few unique features, the Sauder Cart is another great option for the buyer. A cupboard with twin doors and an open shelf is among its unique features besides the fact that the cart is quite high. For keeping your kitchen accessories, the cart has substantial storage provision.

You can move the cart all over the place as it bears locking wheel casters. Designed to bear much load, the cart proves very sturdy and maintains great stability. 

 8. Ameriwood Industries Microwave Cart

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You might be looking forward to placing something around the microwave that keeps it in place for long. The Ameriwood industries cart features a spacious upper surface, a short shelf, and a cupboard with two doors. All of your kitchen appliances are likely to be fitted in perfectly.

The microwave ovens bear a standard size above all other things. The cart has a cupboard that needs mention since you can utilize it as a pantry and use it for storing appliances. It even looks attractive due to its white finish.

7. Finnhomy 3-Tiers Microwave Cart

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Your kitchen is bound to gain a splendid appearance once you incorporate the mobile cart into the kitchen. It owes much of its mobility to its lightweight. The fact that you can adjust the shelf very smoothly is another good thing.

You may even save much space due to its simple design.

The fact that the cart is created with chrome protects it from scratches while you place food or vegetables inside the microwave. The presence of brakes in two wheels makes it even safer and you can’t question their durability at all. 

6. Whitmor Microwave Cart

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If you’re one of the users that have a small kitchen, then you may look for this space-saving option. The microwave cart maintains a perfect balance between the wooden top and rough chrome parts that turn it into an ideal option for your kitchen.

It even has more on offer when it comes to unique functionalities. The food-grade wooden top may be considered for chopping the vegetables while you’re getting prepared for cooking. Whenever you ought to clean it, you can detach it quite comfortably.

5. Winsome Wood Microwave Cart

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It is high on demand with those buyers that want an airy and bright kitchen. Open shelves and light colors turn it attractive for all contemporary kitchens that need some mobile storage option. It is quite spacious for those that are concerned for storage.

The cart is composed of beech wood that seems pretty solid for holding your heavy kitchen appliances. You won’t need to worry about breaking it apart accidentally. The fact that you can utilize it as mobile furniture and an efficient storage option makes it truly functional inside your kitchen.

 4. Organize It All Microwave Cart

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The cart adds more to your kitchen décor and lets you earn a few compliments due to its sleek design. The craft has been crafted with all its features very carefully so that you can roll it very easily. The wheels are designed in such a way that they ensure a smooth movement all over the kitchen. 

At a time when you’re finding it tough to create more space, the cart is bound to help in optimizing your kitchen space. The best thing about the cart is that every user can afford to buy it due to its moderate price.

3. Finnhomy 4-Tiers Microwave Cart

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It is a cart that you may count among the very best in the industry. You may use it for storing kitchen utensils adequately as it seems quite tall. There are three shelves placed at the bottom of the cart, which creates more space for storing all the appliances.

There’s a bamboo countertop that has a few racks that are effective in hanging utensils and towels. Your cooking experience is bound to improve in multiple folds once you incorporate the cart inside your kitchen. You’ll get appreciated for properly organizing all things.

2. Winsome Mali Microwave Cart

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It is likely to be your best option when you don’t want your kitchen to accommodate a metal storage solution. The classy look owes much to its dark wood. All contemporary kitchens have a cart like this one. Multiple storage options make it an attractive buy for every woman.

Alongside a huge cupboard, it bears a single drawer, 3 shelves, and a spacious countertop. The flexible nature of the whole setup makes it all the more attractive as you can easily remove the shelves.

1. Linon Microwave Cart

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It might prove to be an ideal option for those that are on a restricted budget. It is one of the most advanced models that you may avail in the market despite its inexpensive rate. The manufacturer has retained the best-in-class cart parts for a moderate price. 

Alongside a fixed shelf, the cart even comes with a removable storage drawer that is quite spacious. You can pull it out very easily. The locking casters of the kitchen cart also enable it to move quite flexibly. Besides improving the look of your kitchen, the rack even yields extra workspace.

Buying Guide for Microwave Carts

  • Size : If you are buying a microwave cart for accommodating a microwave oven, you ought to be sure whether the cart is a perfect match for your appliance or not. You need to acquire knowledge of the dimensions of an appliance while placing your purchase order. At the same time, you should also consider the shape and area of the kitchen to make sure that it is a perfect match.
  • Design: Microwave carts come with a variety of styles and designs. While few of the carts resemble actual carts others seem to match the kitchen islands. Besides your kitchen’s interiors, your preferences play a crucial role in determining your choices. You must pick a design that fulfills your needs alongside providing substantial storage space.
  • Durability: Like all other buyers, you won’t like to buy a product that you won’t be able to use after some time. You should think of buying a cart that has the strength of steel and a class of wood. You could ensure that the cart is capable of carrying heavy load without adding more to your concern on breaking apart.
  • Storage Options: While placing your order, there is another important factor that you ought to remember. Your microwave should suffice the amount of storage that you need from it. While some carts come with only a few cupboards and drawers, others come with substantial storage options for you. If you want the cart to serve you in the long run, you must keep your ultimate needs in mind while choosing it.


Buying a good microwave cart is the best decision you can take for your kitchen. It is bound to prove helpful to you regardless of whether you are going to use it for your oven. Picking the right cart might seem to be an uphill task as you often get overwhelmed by the variety of products that are available in the market today. However, by going through this article, you will be in a position to take some informed decisions.

The online reviews can help you in sorting the best of carts. They will help you pick your favorite product. What you gain is an insight into factors that can help in comparison shopping. In the end, you’re bound to come across the best microwave cart that supports your specific cooking needs. However, it is in your best interest to read through the manufacturer’s guidelines before using it, the very first time.

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