Top 15 Best Beach Carts Reviews In 2021

Last updated on February 28th, 2021

Going to the beach with your family and loved ones are one of the best things to look forward too. Although hauling and dragging all the essential things to the shoreline is not a favorite thing among many. For this reason, investing in a beach cart might be a sensible thing to do if you want to transport all your stuff easily and quickly. Beach carts are ideal for carrying heavier things like beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and so on, so you don’t have to haul these back to your car after a long sunny day.

Here is a list of top 15 Best Beach Cart Reviews along with the pros and cons  of each so you can choose the best one for yourself without having to research on everything:

The Ultimate Guide To Beach Carts

1. Wheeleez Folding Beach Cart, Big Wheel Beach Carts

This beach cart by Wheeleez has all the features that the best beach cart can have. It has detachable 30 cm polyurethane beach wheels which roll in every kind of beaches smoothly. Its frame is powder-coated rust-resistant. It features cargo straps for better harnessing and safety as well as an adjustable telescopic handle.

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2. Rio Beach Cart Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler, Best Beach Carts 

 This beach cart has a big storage compartment with a removable tote with shoulder strap and side umbrella holder and can be folded down to 7 inches thick. It has wheels which can roll on packed as well as unpacked sand beaches.

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3. Rio Beach Carts Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

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This beach cart features a nice tote bag which is removable. With its mesh bag having a capacity of holding 100 pounds and it being a simple design, this made into the top 3. It has a foldable structure with wide rear wheels which are ideal for soft sand too.

4. TimberRidge Folding Cart, Beach Carts

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This folding cart has an easy setup and can be folded into a bundle. It has large wheels for all kinds of terrains and is made with durable polyester material with a heavy duty frame.

5. Mac Sports Heavy Duty All Terrain y Beach Cart, Big Wheel Beach Carts Blue/White

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This heavy-duty cart folds into 9.7″ thick and can be conveniently stored. It has a capacity to load up to 150 pounds. It features an adjustable handle with extra large wheels for easy transport.

6. BeachMall Beach Cart. Wheel Beach Carts

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If you need a cart which can be turned into a table and can store quite an amount of essentials, then this is the beach cart for you. It has a powder coated and rust-resistant frame which can carry chairs as well as umbrellas.

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7. BeachMall Super Ultimate Beach Cart, Beach Carts with Wheels

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With its ultra-wide wheels, this cart is perfect for soft sand beaches as the wheels do not sink in soft sand. It can hold up to an hold upto 4 chairs and also fits a large cooler and other essentials.

8. JGRC Beach Table Cart, Beach Carts

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This cart comes in a very affordable range and requires minimal space for storage. With its lightweight framework, it can store upto 4 chairs, umbrellas, towels and boards. The best part about this is it can be turned into a table when everything is unloaded.

9. Mighty Max Cart plus One Sports Utility Cart with All-Terrain Weatherproof Wheels

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With its collapsible design and easy-rolling rubber wheels, the Mighty Max Cart is made of extremely waterproof material and will do no damage to the goods inside even if it is submerged in water.

10. dbest Products Trolley Dolly Basket, Beach Carts Wheels

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This cart made into the top ten due to its removable bag which makes it a lightweight dolly after removal. Its lightweight and durable body and wide wheels can take on any kind of terrain. It is also collapsible and easily portable.

11. Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart Wheels, Best Wheeleez Beach Carts

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With its wide and polyurethane beach wheels, this folding beach cart can handle ample load and also does not sink in soft and unpacked sand. It has a tubular steel frame to withstand heavy load which includes a mesh bag and two folding chairs.

12. Mac Sports Collapsible Beach Wagons – Beach Cart Wheels

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In the twelfth position, this beach cart by Mac Sports features a heavy duty frame which can carry up to 150 pounds. The basket is made of durable 600-denier fabric and has storage space. It also has 2 mesh cup holders to keep your beverages safe.

13. Ollieroo Utility Beach Wagons Farm and Ranch Heavy-Duty Steel Garden Cart

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With its robust steel frame and four wide pneumatic tires which can withstand any kind of terrain, this beach cart is perfect for heavy-duty transport and can also be used as a garden cart or a normal wagon cart. With its collapsible design and removable wheels, it occupies less storage space.

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14. JGR Copa Beach Cart Wheels, The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Carts

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With its light, durable and easily foldable body, this JGR Copa Beach Cart has a large mesh storage compartment, convenient side umbrella, and zipper pouches. It is ideal if you have to carry a lot of items to the beach. Its rear wheels are wide for easy rolling and can be detached when needed.

15. Copa, Beach Cart Ultra-Wheels and Mesh Storage – Beach Carts

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If you are looking for a beach cart with big storage capacity, then this is the cart for you. This Copa beach cart has a large mesh compartment to store all your beach essentials as well as an umbrella pocket. It can hold up to 4 folding chairs at a time. With wide rear wheels, it can be easily maneuvered in packed as well as unpacked sand. It also folds flat and takes up minimal storage space.

Tips for Choosing Best Beach Carts

For choosing the best among the rest of the beach carts, here are some tips that you might want to consider and is quite important to look for while buying one:

  • Choose carts which have bigger wheels over tiny ones to increase mobility and transport stuff smoothly over the sandy terrain.
  • If you don’t have a big car and a larger space to store a beach cart, carts with easily foldable features should be your best choice.
  • Also, keep the material of the cart in mind, make sure it is waterproof and can easily remove dirt like nylon.
  • Make sure your cart is big enough to accommodate all your belongings while giving you extra pockets for easy reach.

Factor To Consider Best Beach Wagons

After the Best Beach Cart Reviews, you might want to keep these few factors in mind when you go to buy a beach wagon online or in person:

Wheel size: Carts with bigger wheels often sink into soft sand but very good for packed sand.

Foldable: If you have storage space issues, make sure your cart is foldable.

Load capacity: Consider how much you want to pack. If you need multiple chairs and umbrellas, choose a wagon with extra storage capacity.

Extra pockets: If you have a lot of smaller items like sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, etc., having extra pockets on your beach cart or wagon can be extremely useful.

Durability: Examine the framework quality as well as the material of storage bags to ensure the durability of the wagon. A hybrid with a solid aluminum frame with fabric material is the best choice.

Cost: At last, keep your budget in mind and invest in a good cart so you don’t have to buy carts again and again.


With beach carts, dragging your stuff from your car all the way to the beach is very easy and takes up less effort. The right cart will accommodate all your belongings and a lightweight frame will help you move around the beach easily.

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