Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Closet Lights Review

Last updated on September 28th, 2023

Your closet will always stay illuminated once you get the motion sensor closet lights. The light gets switched off and the use of electricity is stopped when you close the closet doors. 

You’ll end up saving much of the electric energy. It will keep your electricity bill within your budget. However, you might feel confused about picking one out of so many options. It is in your best interest to compare a few of the most sought-after options in advance.

Quick Comparison – 5 Best Selling Motion Sensor Closet Lights this year:


Below is our in-depth Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Closet Lights Review

#10 Under-Cabinet Lights Closet Lights Motion Sensor

The whole length of the closet can be illuminated as the motion sensor closet light is quite long. Every light is USB rechargeable and bears 18 LEDs. Such quality of Led lighting ensures high illumination.

It is quite advantageous for the user as it runs for about 2 months when put on the motion-sensing mode. The light can even match the closet interiors as it comes in 4 color variants. It proves that the light is very useful and versatile at the same time.

#9 Motion Sensor Closet Light

It is a single closet light possessing 39 bulbs. The output is quite high for the white light, which is worth 240 lumens. The entire closet can be illuminated very easily.

You must pick one out of 4 different modes. The battery will last for a substantial period. You may recharge the 22mAh battery within a very short time. It lasts for 2 months when you keep it at the motion sensing mode. You may utilize it without any problem as it’s both versatile and easy to install. 

#8 URPOWER Motion Sensor Light

It fits in well with your small closet sections and holds 10 LED bulbs in every light. The output is a bright white light with high-quality LED bulbs. It is operated with the help of 4 powerful AAA batteries. All you need is a magnetic strip to get it installed very easily. For installation, you won’t need any hardware or screws.

If you have adequate light outside, then it will not illuminate to its full potential. It helps ensure that the light will last for a few more months instead of requiring frequent recharges. It’s a good option for those that need a power-efficient option.

#7 URPOWER Motion Sensor Closet Light

The circular motion sensor closet lights are bound to meet your requirements if you’re looking for lights with different shapes. You might either pick the ones that deliver warm white light or the ones that deliver cold white light once you check the variants. You’ll be able to get the exact type of light that you need. 

The lights are operated on battery. Motion sensing can be availed for up to a range of 10 feet. They will last for an extended period with an output of 20 lm for each light. You won’t need to replace them for up to 10,000 hours as they are highly durable. Adhesive pads will enable you to install them very easily.

#6 Sunnest 3 Pack Motion Sensor Closet Lights

It’s a single package consisting of 3 lights of which each one bears 10 LEDs. A big closet can be illuminated by it very easily. These lights will even get turned off very easily if it remains inactive for 15 seconds. It even allows you to conserve energy for a long period. For installation, you can use a magnetic strip. Besides being effective for closets, it’s pretty useful for storage spaces under the stairs, your wardrobes, and your closets.

You’ll need to place 4 AAA batteries if you need the ultra-bright light. A minimal amount of energy is consumed with these lights as they use LED bulbs. There’s no need for you to replace the batteries frequently.

#5 Motion Sensor Light Bulb Dusk

You may consider this light bulb when you need a compact option. Your closet can accommodate these light-sensing bulbs very easily. You’ll achieve bright light very easily when you have such high LED light output. There’s also an automated function to turn the lights off when they remain inactive for about 60 seconds.

The 120-degree detection angle and the 16-feet motion detector are the key advantages of the bulb. Compared to the other lights, these bulbs are more energy-efficient. 

#4 eufy Lumi Stick-On Night Light       

It is a great option when you want your lights in unique shapes and sizes. These bulbs will come in a package containing 3 square-shaped units. They are designed to deliver bright light with a high LED bulb output.

You’ll love the automatic lighting process as the bulbs are equipped with a motion sensor. You can’t find a better option when you consider them for night-time navigation. The package includes all fixtures that are effective in installing the lights. It’s not difficult to install them at all. These lights are among the best options that can illuminate your closet naturally and uniquely.

#3 Automatic Motion Sensor Light with Eye-Protection Design

You must go with this one if you need a long motion sensing light. It comes with easily rechargeable batteries. It is one of the key advantages of the light bulb. Also, it is much easier for the motion sensor to gauge the motion within a range of 2m. It shuts automatically when it remains inactive for 12 seconds.

You’ll find it easy to install the light as it comes with built-in magnets. The light gets stuck on any surface very easily as it is equipped with extra magnets. It is an option worth considering as it lasts for long and is very easy to use. You won’t have any reason to regret it in the end.

#2 Motion Sensor Light

It is a good option for those that are looking to install a small light in the closet. You may choose one of the 3 variants that you come across in the market. While one of these disperses a warm light, the other two disperse a white light and come in variable shape and size. It covers up to 10 feet for motion sensing and bears an output worth 20 lm. 

You won’t need to replace it as you can run it for up to 10,000 hours easily. It proves to be useful for several applications alongside your closets. You’ll need to get 3 AA batteries for each of the lights. Besides looking stylish owing to their circular shape, these lights are quite portable due to their lightweight. Opt for this one if you go by style and usefulness simultaneously.

#1 Motion Sensor Cabinet Led Light

Substantial light output is maintained by every circular light possessing 14 LEDs. Depending on your preferred light output, you may pick one of the 4 unique variants. It is ideal for closet lighting as the light gets dispersed very easily.

You may choose one of the 3 modes and activate motion sensing up to 10 feet. It will shut down on its own if it remains inactive for 20 seconds. It saves much energy and runs for up to 4 months depending on the use of motion-sensing technology. Under circumstances when your charge gets exhausted, you may opt for a quick fulfillment due to its USB charger. Besides being stylish, it’s also easy to install.

Consider the Following Points While Buying Motion Sensor Closet Lights:

Type of light: LED light is a great energy-saving option that ensures high illumination. It is highly preferable over the other options.

Motion Sensing Range: The angle of motion sensing is an important factor that you must consider besides the distance. You’ll find it easy to identify the right motion sensing range when you take these factors into account. You’ll soon realize if the light is suitable for the closet or not.

Light output: You must check out the light output. This is a point that helps LED lights acquire an edge over others. The light proves brighter when the output is brighter.

Source of Power: You must consider the source of power. You may either run it with the help of a battery or connect it with the electric wires directly. The source of power entirely depends on your preference.

These are some of the key factors that help you compare and choose the ideal motion sensor closet light. It will add a new meaning to your unique sense of interior decoration.


By going through the benefits of the 10 motion sensor closet lights will give you a detailed insight on how you should approach a comparison. Our list consists of motion sensor closet lights of various shapes and sizes to ensure that you avail the best option as per your needs.

However, we insist that you read through the manufacturer guidelines carefully before you use any of the lights. It will help in protecting your household from short-circuits besides helping you follow a stipulated budget.

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