Top 10 Best 24-inch TVs Review

Last updated on February 28th, 2021


In today’s world one cannot imagine a setup without a television. A standard 24-inch television set is a window to the world outside and you can know about what is going on around you. Besides it is also a great companion in your leisure times where you can just watch some movie or be engaged in a game on TV.

Here we bring to you a list of some of the best 24-inch TV sets that you can get for yourself which will be of great quality and will last a long time.

List of Best 24-inch TV in 2021 Reviews

10. LG 24-inch 720p LED TVs

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The best thing about this particular television is that it has a triple XD engine and that ensures a great picture quality. The contrast appears to be deeper which makes the colors really prominent and realistic. It also has two USB ports and a HDMI port. The speaker is a 3-watt gadget which ensures a fine sound quality as well and together with all these features it comes across as one of the best 24-inch TV in the market.

9. Sceptre Best 24-inch 720p LED TV

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This is again an important entry in the list of best 24inch TV sets. True to its reputation of delivering quality products over the years this is yet another specimen which amazes the user with amazing picture and sound quality.

They have a VGA port too alongside the usual USB port and HDMI port and a fine refresh rate makes the pictures really soothing to the eye.

8. VIZIO 720P Widescreen LED HDTV

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This is a mixed bag in terms of the best 24inch TV list as it comes with its share of complements as well as complaints. The best thing about this is that it comes at a price which for most others is not possible to provide. For such a cheap price you get a quality product with nice picture and sound qualities.

Since this is relatively new in the market people are not yet very sure of how it will turn out to be in the long run. But with its present performance it does make the list of the best 24-inch TV list.

7. Sceptre 24-inches 720p LED TV (2017)

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When it comes to portability this television set beats the others hands down. Weighing at just 5pounds it is surprisingly light and thus you can move it around your house as per your convenience.

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Even if you place it on a wall mount then there is no added pressure which gives rise to the risk of damage to the support structure.

The VGA ports from the PC can be connected easily to this TV and the picture quality leaves nothing to complain about and in fact makes it one of the best 24-inch TV in the markets.

6. LG 24-inch TV 720p Smart LED TV

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The limitation is that it is restricted to the video on demand content. However with the presence of Netflix and Amazon Prime and all others there will be no issues as to the content that you watch on TV.

This is a smart TV and at the price that it comes in it is quite a steal. With the 1366*768 pixels the HD quality picture is sure to leave you impressed. With all these features it is thus no surprise that it finds mention in the list of our best 24-inch TVs.

5. Best Element 24-inch TV 720p HDTV (Refurbished under certification)

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This is again a low budget entry but do not worry about the quality as this provides you with one of the best qualities that you can get for yourself. The price has been kept unbelievably low which makes it extremely affordable for the masses. This has in fact one of the better picture and sound qualities when you compare with some of the more costly items in the market. It is surely a TV that you can try out in the current market.

4. Samsung Electronics 24-inch TV 720p Smart LED

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This is a smart TV which means that you can connect to the internet at ease and binge watch your favorite content online.

There is an Ultra Clean view which furnishes the regular content into a great one through its algorithms and you can enjoy one of the best picture qualities. The natural color seems all the more vibrant courtesy Purcolor. The screen has been smartly divided into zones which are again scrutinized by the Micro Dimming pro utility which is a technology that Samsung has developed of late. This makes the TV so high quality that it enters the list of best 24inch TVs.

3. LG Electronics Class HD 720p LED TV

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This is an extremely user friendly television and no matter how harsh the environmental conditions the television runs just fine true to the tagline of LG-Life’s good. The picture and sound quality on this will leave nothing to complain about from the user.

2. Samsung 720p Smart LED TV

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The built in speakers of this television will give you a sound quality to die for and when you add to that the great picture quality of this product this becomes a natural entry into the list of best 24inch TV sets. The design is so up to date that it just fits into your living room easily and the smart features mean that you can tune into the likes of Netflix and Youtube at will.

1. Samsung 28-inch 720p LED TV (2014 Model)

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One of the finest technologies in this television set is that it can process the image speeds to make the refresh rate times even better. The sound quality is good enough and you can enjoy a proper video quality even if it is not HD content. Aided by DTS studio the sound will surely impress you into this product which surely ranks among the best 24inch TV sets.

How to choose 24 inch TVs ?

The choice for 24 inch TV sets must have the following criteria. Firstly the product must be in sync with its price. Instead of going for the big names in terms of brands focus should be more on the product and the features and reviews of it. Besides this one should look at the portability options on the TV so that it can be positioned at will.

Why you need 24 inch TVs ?

For one a 24inch TV is a real space saver and besides many people do not need a larger TV depending on what they watch. They are relatively cheaper and thus you can easily get one.

Final thoughts

With all these fine television specimens at your disposal it does make sense to get a hold of one. It will not take a lot of space and the features on them will ensure that the entertainment aspect in your house is well covered up.